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calling all werribee people :P

Discussion in 'General Motorcycling Discussion' at netrider.net.au started by kyro_02, Mar 8, 2007.

  1. anyone know of vacant land that is on private property that also is walking distance . i am sitting my written test next week, however i'm not going for the practical ride test until i feel confident. At the moment i'm doing laps in my backyard , i am getting the hang of it, i just cannot change gears because it's not long enough lol.

    my bike is not registered and i (read above) don't have my learners YET. so i can push the motorbike walking distance if anyone know of a place that is close by. that i'm allowed to practice on.

    in my street, there is a house BLOCK of LAND no house of course .. however i don't know the owners so i'm not in the mood to be told to get off it.. :(

    I am off duncans road, also right near synott street

  2. no one? i guess i'll keep doing "back yard laps" in first gear :( :(
  3. ALLRIGHT!! I'll bite.

    Why don't you just head off to Stayupright and do a 2 day learners course there?

    There just at the entrance to Werribee, and they taught me how to fall off just fine.

    They teach you everything and after you walk away with your learners permit and the ability to maim yourself in real traffic.

    Then you can get a RWC, rego your bike and your away. You are welcome to come down to Westside coffee and hear all our tales of woe while we were wobbly ar$e learners. See the ride index for details. Good luck with it.
  4. Mate. Learn with a group and be tought by professionals. Think of it as cheap insurance because if all you are doing is first gear work you wont be ready for the road no matter how long you do it for.
    Good idea about the vacant land but really you'll need a big block.

    Pay the money and do it right and we'll all be paying less insurance. :grin:

    EDIT: and you wont have to worry about being chased by brown snakes! Dont ask, I just know LOL
  5. Ahhh......I fell off badly, I should have gone there :p
  6. lol thanks guy, well i booked in my L's for the 17th of this month on the sat & sunday (2 day course) $270 at stay up right just off the princess hwy... hoppers crossing

    anyways, can you tell me anymore things so i can prepare myself, at the moment i'm practicing my clutch & throttle for take off and trying to learn to lean properly when i do my laps around the backyard :p

    also they said the bike L's book isn't the same q's & A's as the test, but based on the same thing though.

    i am just want to keep practicing laps around my backyard so i can atleast learn a thing or two hehe.

    * I don't intend on failing, i'll be devastated if i do :(
  7. the 2 day course is designed for total beginners, when i did it there i hadnt ridden at all... you'll be right mate :D
  8. Hey kyro - u'll be absolutely champion...I'd only ever sat on a bike as a pillion before doing my L's - had no clue where ther throttle was, where the brakes were etc - so if you've been having a practise around your backyard I'm sure you'll do well... :grin:
  9. Dont worry about the test. You'll be right to go when its test time. Its amazing how quick you'll learn from other riders (good and bad) on the day. Take your own gear if you can.

    Let us know how you get on after the course.

    BTW: the P's test is easier................ At least it was when I did it.