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Calling All Triumph Owners!

Discussion in 'Technical and Troubleshooting Torque' started by STORM_BOY, Jan 20, 2013.

  1. I've recently purchased a 2013 Thunderbird Storm, and fitted some Triumph aftermarket short pipes. These were supplied & fitted by the dealer, along with the necessary engine mapping.
    The problem I having is in relation to throttle respone. When I blip the throttle to change down gears, I find that the engine does not respond in accordance to the throttle input, thus lagging. Sometimes too, I get a backfire through the airbox. This is a lot more apparent when the rpms are down low. Also, when exiting a slow corner, I notice a stutter in response when I apply the throttle. To me, it feels like a coil/spark misfire. Has anyone else experienced a similar problem? Look forward to your response. Cheers!!

  2. sorry mate but your bikes cactus give it to me and i will live with the problems,,,or take it back to the dealer and tell them to fix the problem or you will get Uncle greg to pay them a visit
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  3. I installed aftermarket slip ons onto my 2012 Street Triple R. I tried the standard map, as well as Arrow maps and also maps for aftermarket cans. The difference in throttle response is significantly different between maps.

    Your problem sounds like a mapping issue. Are you sure the dealer installed the correct map...

    Peter Stevens was offering a dyno run for $50. Knowing what the engine is doing with new pipes is worth while.

    My STR was running lean; so I re-installed the original cans to avoid overheating on these hot days. The standard cans and standard map; to be honest; actually gave more power and smoother response.
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  4. I was having a problem where the throttle lagged every once in a while and it turned out to be my EXUP valve cable being a bit loose. Whilst I had the fairing off, I took the opportunity to not only retention the cables but to lube the EXUP's bearing shaft with high temperature copper grease.
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  5. Nice bike.

    Take it back to the dealer.

    Chances are they have either not loaded the correct mapping, or they have stuffed up something else in the fitting process.

    I think that Triumph made some kind of change to their remapping process for 2013 models to stop folk being able to remap their own bikes at home.

    Maybe the dealer hasn't yet caught up with the change in procedure (if any)?

    BTW, STORM_BOY, it occurred to me that Triumph, in their infinite wisdom, may have pulled the same stunt on the Storm as they have done to the Rocket III.

    Because of the amount of torque available, the ECU limits the amount of throttle that you can actually apply in first and second gears.

    Whether this is to protect the transmission, the rider, or the back tyre, I dunno. :)

    Perhaps this would explain:-
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  6. Sounds like a mapping issue. I would bring it back to the dealership and get them to reload the correct map. If that changes nothing then I'd look at getting some dyno time using tuneboy software (tuneboy.com.au)
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  7. Thanks guys for helping my diagnose my problem. The dealer also seems to think it may be a mapping problem, or an air leak.. They are looking at it on Friday. Appreciate your opinions greatly, and thanks again. Will post the outcome. Cheers!! :)
  8. I was going to say, ALL triumph owners? Pfft.. i dont care about this crap!

    BUT then i thought... My speedy has something called the 12 minute adaptation tune.. I'm not sure if it applies to yours, but it may! Fire your bike up and let it idle... DO NOT TOUCH THE THROTTLE. Let the bike warm up until the thermo fans fire up. Wait 12 minutes with the bike still idling. Turn the bike off.


    I did it when i put new pipes on my bike and it fixed the shit out of it.
  9. I put the standard pipe back on mine for a bit and it run worse than the pipe alone should.

    Triumphs are pretty sensitive to mapping.

    @panza83, never heard of it, but could well be. I had a idle problem for a bit there and it was fixed through some weird sequence of throttle openings and wire connecting and disconnecting.

    It's hard to imagine an idle run could fix all fueling problems, but could fix idle (obviously) and immediate throttle response.
  10. Seriously? A self-tuning diagnostic start sequence? Now that is very awesome.
  11. the 12 minute adaptivetune works this way - every start on every model of triumph with EFI and therefore an ECU, Does a systems check on start up, when the throttle isn't touched, it goes on and scans continously reading data from most if not all sensors, then if bike is run beyond a certain threshold Usually a Pre-set TEMPERATURE this will be achieved by 12 Minutes of continous running (even in the arctic circle) after thermal load reaches max and fans have cut in. This gives the ecu all the data required for it to work out it's LOCATION IE:- sea level, tropics, antarctica or where ever and then it can optimise to suit LOCAL conditions. this also resets TPS.
  12. Thanks for the information - again very cool!

    I know the Ape does a few things at startup (atmo reading, temperature, fuel etc etc.......) but AKFAIK it cannot actually tune anything - it can adjust things within set tolerances......but remapping? Wow....
  13. Hey arguth! Someone else with the same problem! I went back to the dealer 3 times to sort the issue, and It's still not 100%. Albeit, they did find that the TPS (throttle positioning sensor) was not adjusted properly. this fixed about 80% of the problem. After some more research, I found a few people saying that a high flow air filter would help, and it did. The dealer said it wouldn't make much, if any difference. I still went ahead and installed it with there blessing, and now the issue is about 95% fixed. It still has the problem on really hot days though. I hope this help, and good luck. Keep me posted.
  14. sounds like a tuning issue....

    unless it runs an o2 sensor that has been removed/ damaged when the new pipe was fitted...

    its not cheap but take it to a dyno and get your fuel mapping and timing sorted, should get it running right... prob get a bit more power out of it too...
  15. Interesting.

    Have same set up just done (TB Storm short pipes and high flow air filter added).

    Makes lots more noise and a bit of farting around rolling off the throttle but acceleration seems very good. Will need to observe more next time I take it for a run.

    Might Dyno it for shits and giggles anyway. Anyone know the best person for Trumpy Dynoing and remapping (if required) in Sydney?

    Cheers Spocky
  16. Hi All
    Modern motorcycles! After all the testing and no fault code to speak of it has come to a faulty TPS sensor. My mechanic was finally able to replicate the problem in the workshop and recognised where the issue was, amazing that the sensor was tested 2 or 3 times with OK results.
  17. I'd say the problem is you brought a Triumph with one cylinder less than they should have :p

    In all seriousness though, its a mapping issue or an air leak as you've said!
  18. Hi all I have a 2014 thunderbird commander with 1700 ks and the engine management light has come on . It's a 2 hour drive to dealership is there other ways to reset this problem
  19. Maybe. Some of the early Triumphs would do this for no reason. It had something to do with using the kill switch instead of the ignition switch.

    One of the methods of cancelling it was taking the bike through 3 full heat cycles. So that would take a couple of days.

    If it doesn't cancel after that, then I suggest you need to take it to a dealer or get you own diagnostic gear.