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Calling all Plasterers - Ceiling Buttons or Plaster Washers

Discussion in 'The Pub' started by mjt57, Sep 29, 2008.

  1. We're doing up an older place. In some rooms the ceiling plaster is starting to sag a bit. In the US you can get these:


    However, I can't seem to find anyone here in Oz who has either heard of them or who sells them.

    Just wondering if there are any plasterers here who may have.

    It's no big deal if we need to order them from the US, but if we can source them locally then that'd be great.
  2. That looks like the worst idea of all time, if the plaster is sagging then its fcuked pull it down and start again...
  3. Not necessarily. The things screw into the ceiling joists where the problems mainly lie. ie. whatever it is that fastens the plaster to the ceiling is coming loose.

    If you have true plaster ceilings, not plasterboard type, and it's sagging between the joists, then yeah, you've got a problem. But ours are made of that horse hair stuff and are sheets that are affixed to the joists and you can see where they're starting to drop.

    One ceiling was bad enough, water damage, etc. where we replaced it, but the other one that we're looking it isn't too bad.
  4. "horse hair stuff" ??? If you've got boards and they've sprung just get some large head clouts and nail it backup and rescim but if it's sagging because the plasters degraded you're only prolonging the inevitable.
  5. Yep, the stuff that they used to use before they went to the current plasterboard. It's like cutting into a hessian bag impregnated with plaster.

    I could clout it I s'pose but these things give you a greater surface area with which to support the plaster.

    It's a job that will cost me around $30 (we've ordered them from a US supplier as I can't find anyone who flogs 'em here). It's a darned sight cheaper than the $1,500 or so that it will cost us to get a plasterer in to redo the ceiling.

    If these buttons will do the job, fine. It gives us a few more years before having to consider replastering the entire house if it comes to that. Also, in the interim it stops stuff like this from happening:

  6. [​IMG]