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Calling all Photoshop experts or not - Lets see your before and afters

Discussion in 'Non-Bikes' started by goz, Dec 20, 2010.

  1. Righto, since i loved the last thread with us taking the piss at Bravus's expense, i want to see more of it, will do this once a month

    I have chosen a random pic from google images, save it and do your magic

    Heres this months pic


    Now get photoshopping :)
  2. Heres my version

  3. Too much on the eyes imo, goz. Otherwise brilliant effort.
  4. u dont like blue eyes? :D
  5. There's blue eyes and then there's blue plastic lmao

    Here's some natural untouched blue eyes as a reference :p

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  6. Except that's a dude, sooo...
  7. A scientological dude at that ! :D
  8. cmon, less flaming and more photoshopping :D
  9. Nice work goz
  10. Here's mine...


  11. get lots more interest in grabbing a headline pic of a current issue.

    i'm sure some on here are chomping at the bit to have there way with the likes of julian assange, julia guilard, etc...
  12. i think my one wins. ;)



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  13. Stupid photobucket! Not being very user friendly today. Anyway, here is my attempt. Poor girl, sorry who ever you are.



  14. ROFL
    It's actually a picture of me roughly 12 months ago during my 2 week stay in Gosford hospital. :grin:

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  15. Finally!!..... lol.....

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    • mj.
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  16. Here's my attempt.

  17. Damn it ! Apologies dude, though from the 'eyes only' previous pic it was a dead ringer for Cruise...well, there ya go !
  18. Delete upon request.