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Calling All NOOBS

Discussion in 'New Riders and Riding Tips' started by Komunista, Apr 22, 2007.

  1. ok all you noobs out there im a noob too and im looking for other noobs to ride with ... I think it would be easier for us noobs to meet each other and ride with each other if we know were we all live... so ill start off i live in Sydney Liverpool area where do you noobs live.

    Perhaps if we all knew where other noobs are it would be asier for us all to connect and meet up

    Sp please all NOOBS say from where you reside and RIDE
  2. I don't think I've ever come across a post that had the word noobs printed so many times. It might be a record!
  3. Sydney Liverpool hey. Why don't you put that in your profile? :? Then put your ride in the garage.

  4. Then post a meet in the events section...........

    Regards, Andrew.
  5. ^
    what they said.

    what constitutes a "noob?"
  6. someone with 43 posts but no location??? :p
  7. Can i suggest to you noobs that you ride with some experienced so that if the noobs do the noob thing and do it wrong someone who's not a noob can let them know that they're going down the wrong noob path?

    Do I win :D
  8. i'm just wondering whether this noob post applies to us brissie noobs too or is it restricted just to sydney noobs, but then can i claim to still be a noob after doin mt glorius or is that for non-noobs?????

    (i win.... :LOL: )
  9. Anyone who can do 280kmh..., was it, on a virago can't be a noob? At least that's what Tim and I estimated you at when you blew past us on that straight today :grin:
  10. What was the gradient??? :LOL:
  11. I have a noob, does that count? :oops:
  12. ha ha....i have it on good authority that the only person worried bout my speed was muttly, when he thought that if he got a speeding ticket today it woulda been cause he was tryin to keep up with me....
  13. 88.96
  14. back on topic.....i reckon that's a good suggestion tanyathecheeky....as a relative noob, i've found the advice from the more experienced riders has been great.....but it has been good to also have a couple of others in the group about the same skill or confidence level as me so i don't feel quite so 'responsible' for holding people up......
  15. will all the noobs please stand up
  16. Or what was towing it?
  17. aaah they's just funnin with me......i never went over 100......really officer......there is NO way it was what they said - the speedo don't even go that high!!!!!!
  18. It's true, she didn't. It was just a bit of an "in joke". Ahhhh your a good sport Kez ;) :grin:
  19. darn, now u've told my secret......here we had em thinkin that maybe, just maybe, there WAS a way i coulda done the speed you suggested...... :LOL:
  20. "What the hell's a noobian?" :tantrum: