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calling all media contacts

Discussion in 'The Pub' started by D Stump, Sep 29, 2007.

  1. g'day,

    as you know i was teased by a nurse unit manager and rmo [doctor] the day after amputation surgery last year.

    as a result, i was screaming and begging for pain relief and went without for over 14 agonising hours.

    i put a complaint in and and independent medical report was made.

    the report stated that my pain specialists instructions were followed

    "commence low dose ketamine and IM pethidine as last resort"

    apart from the fact no pain specialist would instruct that ^, in the event he did, they still did not follow those instuctions.

    the report also described my complaint as;

    "RMO did not replace cannula prompty"

    the barsted didnt replace the thing AT ALL!

    so im in the process of having my own medical report made which says things like

    "no evidence could be found to suport rmo followed the instructions of pain specialist. no evidience of ms gray recieving IV or IM pethidine post 1400 26/5 could be found"

    ^this will be submitted next week if im lucky


    an investigation has been put into place for the toliet couple the day after it happened.

    i need the media and im going to send a copy of medical report to parliament.

    the reason im going to do it now is because its the topic of the month and i have the best chance of getting some air time.

    are there any media contacts here who could help me?
  2. stumpy, not sure if you want to scrape the bottom of the barrel but i'm sure the likes of today tonight would lap this up. simply email 'them'. 0.2c
  3. thanks chris, but i would still rather go thru a contact of some sort.

  4. Call (02) 9282 2833 for the SMH switchboard and ask for Kate Benson, she's the Medical Reporter there.
  5. thanks gingi, i spoke to kate ages ago when it first happened and she does want the story.

    i was having some CTP trouble at the time so i only offered it to her if she would do another, seperate unrelated story, which she ummmed and arhhhed over.

    she explained her position quite well and good reason to only do what she could within her guidlines. i was shocked by the awful things she told me about that should could not print. it all kinda left me shell shocked and i never returned her call.

    thanks for reminding me she's there, she's one caring indervidual who returns calls and gives the time o day. i will call her again.

    anywho, i want e back door contacts please!
  6. Out of interest, Dstump, when you approach these people do you do so in a calm, rational manner?
  7. The "calm-rational" expression is too personal and might be considered as offensive. Can't be calm when in pain, can't be rational when you've been done injustice. I think a calm and rational translation to that question could be this one: "When you approached these people, did you use a professional manner with realistic demands?"
    and i would add:
    "Did you maintained focus on the main problem and indicated what action or outcome you would like to see as a result of your complaint? Was all your correspondence in writing? Did you went through the proper channels? Did you write to the first person (nurse, doctor), waited 14days for an answer, wrote back saying you are not satisfied with their (non) answer and ask for their supervisor's details, then do the same with the supervisor's supervisor, then the manager, then the general manager?

    Or if that was north of Sydney:

    Step one - Let the hospital/service staff know
    Step two - Contact your local Health Service Complaints Manager or Patient Representative
    Step three - Contact the Area Health Service, or
    Step four – Contact the Health Care Complaints Commission

    Then the NSW Ombudsman

    After you do all the above (a year of paperwork!!) then you can look for back door pressure groups, because these groups will not get involved if you haven't done your work, so you would give them on a plater all evidence and the people they can go and harass for inaction.

    If you haven't done the above, you can start now. From the nurse and up. It's the only way to get justice, if ever...
    It sucks, i know, but that's the only thing we, the little people, can do..

    PS..Another option is, if your complain is a) "unreasonable" or b) "unprovable", to find a lawyer and sue the hospital. They usually pay something to avoid media coverage and you could get a bit of your "blood back" :grin:
  8. thanks supernego, much appreciated. i will consider and most likely take on what you said. very good advice there matey!

    quaterwitt wrote

    good question and the answer is yes. from 2pm 26/5 until, has all been as proffesional as one would hope from my position.

    i just happen to be an awesome letter writer and they are screwed!
    its been over a year of paper work now. if you're interested in any of my letters you need only to ask [they're goood, i like to braaaaaag :cool: ]

    just to bring you up to speed, an IMA [independant medical report] was made but was bias as! it stated that rmo followed pain specialist instuctions and other bollocks!

    now, my dr and i both wrote my own medical report.

    we had to agree to the findings in my records and sign it.

    this is part of the 5 page document;


    so yes, everything that's been submitted is as profesional as one could hope for.

    and yes, ya don't fcuk with stump
    oo oo, and i wrote a song about it :LOL:

    stand strong cause they will tell you you are wrong

    stand tall cause somebody will here your call

    do you fight for what you know?

    or do you just sit there and take it?

    is your job ready to blow-ow-ow-ow ow

    cause im ready to take it

  9. Sorry, had a giggle at that. I think i read it incorrectly.

    The thing that worries me is that you're probably baffelling them with information. They aren't interested in all that crap, they want good footage and a simple story people understand.
  10. 1/4wit wrote

    you're thinking of a complaint letter, in which case this ^^ is very true. i have spent many a hours trimming my complaint letters and responses so they dont baffle at all.

    the draft of the MR above has not been trimmed.

    as far as interest goes, the MR is entirely based on evidence which is the key to the entire report.

    my case has their interest, i have been heard, and they're going to have to read the MR due to the fact that a response is required, either by the hospital or authorities.

    you're right, there is useless info, tis a draft. i was going to write DRAFT up the top but forgot. i didnt want to come out and say i wrote the entire thing myself cause i dont want any antsy nr stuffing this up for me and every other hospital patient.

    cheers :cool: and thanks for you good advice. it is the same advice i would give. anymore?