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Calling all Martial Artist's.

Discussion in 'The Pub' started by Karaman, Sep 22, 2007.

  1. I'm just wondering how many of us here train or have trained in Martial Arts during their life? And if so, why did you stop? Myself has trained in karate for approximately 4 years now. Did about a year when I was about 8 years old, and eventually the club dojo disappeared and I didn't start again until I was 16 when one of the club's representatives knocked on my door and asked if anyone was interested in starting up. I noticed that the club was the same one I use to train under. Within a week I was back in the dojo as a green belt re-learning everything I was taught 8 years before.

  2. Did Karate for a year when I was 12yrs old, then had a break, then did 2 years of Wing Chun Kung Fu when I was about 15yrs old. Stopped because it was just too hard getting into Melbourne to classes.
  3. Haven't done any marshall arts, but I know enough to whip out the Samurai Sword and defend my children. My husband on the other hand - Jujitsu but doesn't actively train at a dojo, not enough time with all his other interests
  4. I trained for 2 years in Take'yon Karate n Shepparton. Im only a green belt though but thats good enough for me. My then partner was an instructor. I stopt because of family commitments and moving (and breaking up with the partner). But after nearly a year off Im looking at getting back into it. Id really like to try Wing Chung Kung fu for a change though. But classes seem to be so expensive this much closer to the city
  5. I did a year of Kendo but the two sesions during the week and Saturday mornings was more dedication than I was willing to show, so i bailed on it.

    thinking of taking something up at the moment.
    Wing Chung is the top of my list, though it will all depend on oportunity.
  6. me and my mate used to beat each other up in the backyard after watching Systema Dvd's
  7. trained with Rhee Tae Kwan-do in Upwey for i think 4 years? took time off for y12 exams (2 years ago), then never made it back officially due to tafe/work/baseball. have been back a few times since, but not consistantly. blue belt so far. i definately will resume it sometime though, hopefully sooner rather than later :)
  8. I am currently doing taekwondo, have been doing it for 8years. Got my second dan black belt. Did alot of sparing competitions (state nationals)over the years. Broken bloody everything. Constantly injured. Love it.
    Taekwondo is a good martial arts, lots of variety.

    Did alittle bit of this that. Jujitsu, karate and kendo. Didnt stick with it though.
  9. I did 3 years of Taekwondo, and then did 2 years of Muay Thai. Kendo looks like fun, but I don't have the dedication (hence why I stopped the Taekwondo).

    I'm looking at doing a bit more grappling, so if anyone can suggest a good place for BJJ in the outer S.E. burbs of Melb, it'd be appreciated. :cool:
  10. Have you ever competed in a NAS (National All Styles) tournament? They have 3 rounds a year: 1st, 2nd and then a State Tournament which allows you to qualify for the Nationals. I'll be competing in the nationals in Sydney this year for the second time and really looking forward to it as last time was just a taste of what kind of competition I would be up against.

    I love tournaments, and I think one of the reasons some people lose interest in Martial Arts is because they don't get a chance to use what they've learnt. Sparring in class isn't enough because it isn't competitive. Tournaments are a great way to test out the years of dedication you've put into your training, and also to see what you need improving on, such as footwork, speed, and fluency.
  11. Did Judo for a year, then switched to Jiu-jitsu (Japanese, not Brazilian). Did that and Aikido side by side for about 3 years (it's probably bad idea as they're very different philosophies), then had a gap of 7 years before starting again in Tae Kwon Do and Kickboxing for about 2 years.

    Now I can't do anything anymore because all trainings run at around 6 or 6.30pm - 9pm (I finish work late). It's a shame, I'd love to get back into it - maybe Kyokushin Karate or BJJ?
  12. I did judo/chinese boxing (or kung fu) for about 15 years then did 1 year of Wing Chun (would like to do more), and then 3-4 years of taekwondo. Sorta looking around to do other stuff, I miss doing taekwondo :( I did competition in tkd. Loved it!
  13. HAHAHAHA! nice pun!
  14. There is a Halls tekwondo close to my house. I have never done martial arts, but was thinking of joining up for some fitness and was thinking it may help me with my aggressive moods of late..
  15. Same with riding bikes I have found.

    Anyway, not to go OT, my ex-gf and I stayed together an extra 6 months because of taekwondo. She was too angry before she got back into her martial arts. She chilled out a bit after that. Still a nutter though, hence the "ex".
  16. 2 years of aikido/Ju Jitsu, got what i wanted,never needed it be pro, shinsei was a wanker etc.. so i stopped.
    Ms Supernego though, still going strong, i really have to watch what i'm saying now!!!
  17. Started GKR in year 11 due to an anger managment problem, within 6 mths I was no longer looking for a fight, did it for 2 years and got to red belt (have brown and balck to go) but when I turned 18 my dad kicked me out saying I was old enough to look after myself. In those 2 years I also did Zen do kai, Mau tai and judo. Never really got into judo....couldn't get the break falls right :(

    Moved from Brisbane where I was going 2 seasons each night after school and weekend training/gradings to Gympie where there wasn't anything much at all. I went to taekwondo but couldn't get into breaking boards. I tried getting back into Zen do kai and Mau tai but the instuctors didn't know how to explain the technics and free spar was rubbish against higher grades, it was like they were graded by how long they had been there not by ability. The same with Iron st and rimmington martial arts academies. I ended up training with Goshen Ryu which was interesting due to the incorperation of weapons.

    Most places I went to train up on the sunshine coast at the time seemed to be rejects from brisbane. I went to lots of tournements the best I ever got was 2 Gold for age/level for semi contact and 1 gold and a heap of bronze for karta (while I was in brissy and ony 1 tournement here on the coast).

    AT 18 1/2 I got sick of life and was on a downward spiral (funney how stopping doing all that training gets you down when you have nothing to do) so I joined the army, within 6 mths my dad got ill so I applied to be transfered to chocos instead of full time to help him out. In 2000 I got a job as a Brickies labourer and while laying the industrial H blocks on scafolding I fell and fractured the lugs in my back from L4,5 S1, 2. Due to the fact its getting worse and most days I am flat out standing I haven't been able to attend any classes but still go to tournements ect when I can, but still miss the days of mateship, training, competition both from the army and martial arts.
  18. I enjoyed martial arts training and developed a great respect for weaponry. The time came to ride the highway.
  19. well I did a few years of Kick Boxing and Muay Thai including competiting
    absolutely loved it and ended up with some very nice defination and muscle shape as well as fitness was amazing.

    The reason I stopped??
    the gossipers got out and about (defence gossiping wives) and spread around Phils work that he was beating me up. so when I turned up at work or the work gym after a comp thats why i had bruises and was stiff and sore sometimes.

    I competed BEFORE women protection wear become the norm too.
    But those who knew my husband would laugh it off as he is the most mellow, un flappable person known to man.

    But still now I am a fat slob I wouldnt mind getting back into it

  20. I did a number of years of Judo when I was younger, got to a Brown belt and competed in numerous competitions (And did quite well)