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calling all Hyosung GT250R owners/riders - feedback wanted

Discussion in 'Bike Reviews, Questions and Suggestions' at netrider.net.au started by Icka, Feb 1, 2006.

  1. Hi all,

    came across the GT250R yesterday when i was out looking at bikes at Peter Steven. I have to say that i am captivated by the looks of the bike but i'm a bit wary for a couple of reasons:

    1) Its a korean bike and i've never been a fan of Korean made vehicles - especially their cars.
    2) Its resale value when i look to get rid of it in about 1yr time to get something bigger.

    BUT I am willing to give them a try because I havent been able to find something decent that I like.

    I would like some genuine feedback from people who owns or have ridden them especially on their engine and overall reliability.

  2. I own the gt650 (naked version) and am very happy with the bike, at first I too was skeptical of the make as they are fairly new to market, but have decided that they are a solid bike.

    Its unfortunate that Victoria do not allow LAMs bikes or you could get a 650 and de-restrict when off your Ps....mine is un-restricted and is very quick.

    In any case the gt250r has the same frame as the 650 so I think it would be a great first bike. They look horn!
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  4. ok i was going to get a gt250r and i eaven toulk it for a test ride but then i saw my cbr and fell in love and i can say with all the reserch i did on them they look like a grate bike and thaty two year waranty on them is realy intising...
    so if thats what you want go for it they are nice and big you wont get blown around on the road (cause they where made to be a 600 as well) but it all depends on where you will be riding it
  5. Michael,

    The suspension/ride is very good and comfortable too. Don't get sore after long rides :p

    Brakes were wooden at first and after a few hundred km's they bedded-in and are great now even with the original pads.

    The engine has also freed up after a few thousand km's and although performance is not fantastic it's more than fast enough to leave traffic well behind. Top speed standard is 150-160km/h. With a straight through muffler, opened airbox and bigger jets = 170km/h max.

    Fuel consumption is excellent - 400km from 15.5 litres :shock: with 1.5 litres to spare and that's with mostly city riding.

    My after-marker muffler makes it sound like a much bigger bike and it nice an loud :cool: but cost almost $500

    They now come with new 'softer' Shinko tyres compared to earlier Hyosungs and they handled the road & track surprisingly well but my rear tyre had a small split in it, and was delaminiating so I managed to get a credit from my dealer and replaced both with Pirellis. AT SBS @ Eastern Creek my coach said he was really impressed with how well it performed for a 250 :)

    The downside is that the first two services are 'major' services with tappets being adjusted etc and cost over $300 for each service :cry:

    The gearbox is still notchy though and selecting Neutral is still a challenge most times.

    The rear shock preload adjustment is near impossible to adjust without removing it from the bike :evil:

    It's an impressive 250 but it's not as cheap as the $6,500 price tag suggests. Add ORC + First 2 services = $7,900
    Then add optional tinted screen, Sports Muffler + Pirellis = almost $9,000

    Overall I'm really happy with my GT250R.

    That's my 2.2 cent incl GST.

    Rick :)
  6. my 2.2c

    umm well I picked up my new GT250 yesterday and I love it. Have done about 200kms on it so far and will be doing more on the weekend. :grin: :grin:

    Why did I buy it? It fits me [6'2" and 95kgs] and looks a lot bigger than a 250 should. Two year warranty etc.

    My opinions on the bike are pretty useless at this stage because all I compare it to is a Honda CB250 [no power!!] and a moped. All up riding experience before yesterday was 4 hours!!! : :LOL: :oops: :LOL: :oops:

    Anyway I love it, the bike is easy to ride, plenty of power [got up to 100 on the freeway], stable and once I got the hang of it the brakes seemed to work ok. They stopped me when someone ran a red :evil: :evil:

    As this bike is pretty much the same as the GT250R I would say good bike expecially with the twin discs that would be a great upgrade and the fairing would have helped also.

  7. Alright i got a few things to say, firstly fishyben I think Kurtis_Strange was referring to the fairings not the actual frame of the bike when mentioning they were the same. They are different frames but the fairings are identical.

    rick86 wrote
    I have had the same issue with mine. Most of the time when i come to stop whether im at traffic lights or getting off the bike, it just refuses to go into neutral, was really anoying the hell out of me until last week when I had its first service (which cost me $120 not $300 as mentioned by rick86?), now its eased up alot and both changing gears is heaps smoother and putting into neutral seems to be alot easier, but it still has its moments. Other than this one issue i've had nothing to complain about. Brakes, tyres and performance has been spot on.
  8. service

    hey Mr Git or is that Mr Pommy anyway quick question. :p

    Where did you get your bike serviced? I have been quoted about $230 for my first service from Peter Stevens.
  9. I also have the GT250... absolutely adore the thing! I bought it last year November for R22 000 (4,822.15 AUD) with 800 km on the clock and it's first service done on 750km. It's now on just over 5000 km and going strong! Serviced it at 4750km and it cost me R780 (171.16 AUD) with the back brakes being replaced. They were shot as I was mainly using them when I first started riding.

    I would love to know how Rick86 gets 400km from 15.5 litres though!!! I only manage about 250k's off of 12.5 litres... then again I'm riding flat out most of the time.

    My top speed is about 150km/h... but the bike is still stock and of course unfairinged.

    matti.west, I also have the black GT 250... sexy naked bike or what?!?!

  10. Looks like i'm getting ripped off on servicing costs :? Time to find a new place to get serving done.

    Gunna, if you're not getting 400km out of a tank then either the fuel you're using is really poor quality, you forget to take the choke off :LOL: or you're flogging the poor bike.

    On the track I only get about 16km/litre.
    On the road I get 25-28 km/litre depending on city/country roads
    Gunna's getting 20km/litre so he's probably riding the bike quite hard.

  11. Actually those are standard costs here in South Africa. I could probably find cheaper if I shopped around abit.

    I ride mostely high-way, so yeah... I'm mostely full throttle all the way, depending on road conditions. Quite a bit of up and down hill to.

    I'll be moving closer to work around end of march so should be able to chill abit on my speeds. Will see if I get better consumption then.

    Rick, what speeds do you normally ride on the road? Our speed limit on the high-way is 120 km/h but I only hit that on the up hills ;)
  12. Oh yeah... to do with the selecting neutral thing... I also have the same problem, doesn't select easily at all. Only time I can get neutral is while the engine is off and while moving. So I select it just before the bike comes to a stop at intersections. Slips in very easily then.

    I also seem to be quite capable of selecting it accidentally when changing from 1st to 2nd, but that is probably just me being to lazy to kick up properly... can be rather embarrasing though.

    Oh yeah, I'm 1.82m's tall and weigh in at 108kg's... the bike doesn't feel like any other 250 I've sat on. Very comfortable. And seems to have more than enough power to pull my lard ass around ;)
  13. Yep I find i have to do the same. Anoying, its gotten better since service though.
    Same thing used to happen with me, but again since service this has eased up.

    As far as where I got it serviced, I went to Staffords located on Bell St, Heidelberg.


    Oh and I also found out from them that if I had bought my bike at Staffords (I got it at Peter Stevens) they would only charge $20 for the first service!
    Not a bad tip there for anyone still looking to buy a Hyosung. I only ended up going to staffords because Peter Stevens were booked out for 2-3 weeks on services
  14. Just a quick question to the GT250 and GT250R owners.... How long did it take to 'run in' your engine, and what did it involve? Only revving between certain ranges and now exceeding a certain speed limit for a certain amount of km's?

    Just wondering because I'm looking to purchase a GT250R (when they finally become available in Victoria again :shock: ) and would like to get a bit of a heads up on the 'running in' of an engine, seeing as i'm a noob and all!!! :LOL:
  15. how sick are the 250R ninja black color scheme? i am looking to get this bike, if i do, i will put blue neons in it or perhaps GREEN would look insanee to the membranee!
  16. I bought a gt250r 2 weeks ago and have no huge regrets. It looks awesome, rides really well. The only downside that I have foung are the rear brake pads seem to be made of cheese and theres a slight flat spot when approaching 60km/h in 3rd.
  17. Ive heard a few people mention things about the brakes wearing down too quick. I must be a lucky one, ive had no such issues.

    As for breaking in the bike, im sure there are people who can give you a comprehensive guide to breaking it in properly. The only thing the dealer said to me was to keep it below 6,000 rpms. And im not sure what you mean by "how long did it take" because you do it for the first 1,000km then get ur first service. Have I misunderstood your question LeMMin9?
  18. No thats what I meant, I just didn't word the question too well!!!

    Thanx for the info :grin:
  19. Anyone have an order for a GT250R from Peter Stevens in Ringwood? What did they tell you their estimated delivery time is supposed to be? :?