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Calling all dirt bike riders in victoria

Discussion in 'General Motorcycling Discussion' at netrider.net.au started by GMAN, Jun 27, 2005.

  1. :D hi there fellow riders,
    wondering who will be up for a section designated for dirt bike rides.
    i want to find out how many members will be keen for organised rides in the future :D

  2. Not just in Victoria, but anywhere :)

    Have told myself for a couple of years that I'd love to get a hire dirt bike one weekend and head up Toolangi or similiar for a ride ... haven't done it since mini bikes days in a paddock as a kid ... and I'd reckon it would be great fun :) Anyone else interested in something like this?
  3. yes dirt bike ride sounds like a plan
  4. Yes you can count me in....went for a ride Sunday to Gembrook but most of the tracks are closed until October.
  5. [x] YES
    whatever you have in mind sounds good. :)

    are you suggesting something like the current ...
    Ride and Event Announcements
    ... but devoted to Dirt Bikes?

    are you suggesting a general forum on the Topic of Dirt Bikes?
  6. Around Eildon/Alexandra there are some dedicated dirt bike land..bout 400 odd acres.

    I've seen A LOT of dirt bikers up here on weekends when i take my MTB for a spin :wink:

    My local motorcycle mechanic belong to a the motocross club and he will be holding a free TRY-IT session for would be dirt bikers soon. Will keep you all informed as soon as I hear something :wink:
  7. Anyone know of where to hire dirt bikes and gear?