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Calling all 600ish LAMS riders.

Discussion in 'Bike Reviews, Questions and Suggestions' started by Ausfox, Jul 5, 2011.

  1. Hey guys. Think I'm getting closer to my decision for my first bike.
    Just got a question for the owners of specifically the GSX650FU, FZ6R, and Ninja 650RL.

    Would you mind letting me know the pros and cons of your bikes.
    I'm 37, weigh 75kgs and am 5'10".
    Haven't sat on any of them yet so obviously that will be a major factor, but just want to hear what you have to say.
    Thanks in advance.
  2. I ride the GSX650F and it's been perfect for me as a returning rider. But I don't recommend it for first time riders as it's 240Kg. It's a great bike otherwise.
  3. Thanks. Perfect answer. Thought the weight might've been an issue. Thanks.
  4. I have an 650RL, weighs 210kg, low seat height and upright riding position.
    Nice torquey engine with throttle limited to half and the ECU nerfed to meet LAMS requirements.
  5. The weight is only an issue in the shed when you try to do the wrong thing.
    In traffic, I don't feel the weight of the GSXF, fits in the gaps, maneuvers at low speeds on my daily commute.
    It is my second bike (first was a Madass 50 - it was a manual so it counts!) and I don't regret it at all, and can't think of a replacement in its class (Vmax maybe when I have a lazy $32K or a m109 as a 2nd).
    BIL had an FU, an you only noticed the restriction in the top end of acceleration, and I rarely need to go above 8k revs.

    Short answer - Suzuki
  6. Might not matter to you, but i ride a 400 which is around 190kg and yeah, don't even notice the weight. Infact, it feels lighter than the old bike somehow.

    Weight seems to only become and issue when you let it become and issue.

    BTW i'm 80kg so similar.

    And it's whatever puts a smile on your dial. :D I knew i wanted my bike when it made me go "holy shit!" in a good way. try and look for that in a bike.
  7. Weight aside. From what I know about all three bikes Kwak, yam then Suzuki in order of age and for want of a better term technology. The kwak is easy to ride and has an abs option which could be beneficial. The yammie is lams approved but it has a funny set up where in order to restrict it to lams the throttle only turns about a third of the way, so it feels weird. The suzuki, well you can't go wrong, but maybe Im slightly bias. But if it's a learner bike for you, I'd recommend the Kwak.
  8. This is the correct approach to buying bikes. The end.
  9. They have the weight of a 600 and the power of a 250-400. Go for a cb400, gs500 or maybe an 4cyl 250 (cbr250rr/gsf250v/katana) the restirctors are crap you can never enjoiy the full range of the bikes engine with them.
  10. This.

    I made the mistake of getting a restricted 650... It's nice, it kicks hard, but you can't enjoy the full potential the engine has to offer.

    As previously mentioned many times on this forum the cb400 is an excellent first choice. The engine is not restricted in any way, meaning you can really find out what it can do at the higher end of things.

    They also have a better resale value because well let's face it... who wants a restricted bike? The only people who want one are on LAMS and most seem get rid of them as soon as they can afford to get off them...
  11. +1 for CB 400. I ride one and they are excellent. Lots of power, will cruise on 150 all day (tops out at around 190 I believe). Right on the limit for the LAMS power to weight ratio I believe at 39 kw and 190kg wet.
  12. I bought an ER6nl for my second bike.

    Extremely stable
    Very flickable in the corners
    Torquey motor
    Easiest to de-restrict
    Excellent for around town

    Lack of suspension adjustment

    I have tried the unrestricted bike with an exhaust/power commander and it has a good amount of power, easily mono 1st even 2nd gear.

    My dad has the cb400 which i ride a bit.
    More 'sensible' than the kwak with better suspension and brakes and also very stable but does'nt seem to change direction as easily or have as much grunt.
  13. Just bought an Fz6r for my return to riding

    its probably the most expensive of the lot (apart from the new Duc) but in my oppinion you get a lot of a bike for your money.

    I looked at the suzukis and kawas but what made me pick the yamaha was the easy conversion from lams to full power,making a bike that i could keep after my restrictions are over.
    I am 5 10' and 78 kg so similar to your built ,i find the bike comfy on the for all day cruising
    At the end of the day its personal choice and budget plus what you want to do after your restriction is over upgrade or stay on a 600
  14. hi
    i had a second hand Suzuki GS500F for my first bike, which I rode over 6000ks in 7months. I am 57 returning to riding after 25 years and learnt a whole new way of riding, especially on the hilly and twisty bits. Now that I feel more comfortable and confident, I traded the 500F in for a Kawa 650RL. Way, way more exciting. The throttle lock comes off in 5 minutes! Of course, I have made it more exciting with an Arrow slip on (took the DBkiller out and now I can be HEARD), as well as swapped the stock bars for a set of sports bars from the ninja650 online shop. Happy as Larry now. The Suzuki 650 is much heavier and bulkier, the Yammy much more expensive and needs to be revved out to really enjoy it. The Kawa has a broad power band and just loves a twist in any gear. The silencer tucks in out of the way so parking etc is not an issue. Looks way better too. Just waiting for winter to end so I can go on a loooong ride...cheers
  15. I’m 5’11” weighing 95kg’s & ride a 2008 cb400, as others have mentioned it’s not restricted as such that it meets the power to weight restrictions in stock form. The vtec gives it usable torque in the lower range but once you rev it past 6-7k it really gets going. Worth a look.
  16. This is the way I felt after riding a CB400, would never look back!

  17. Just another thing, it might be a 5 min job to remove the restrictor but if you have a stack and your bike slides into someones mercedes benz, dont expect your insurance policy to cover the 100 grand repair bill.

    If they find out, which they might (not sure how often they check) you wont be covered. just like if you ride a regular non lams 600.
  18. Thanks everyone.
    Not looking to derestrict my bike at all.
    Thinking of keeping it stock till I sell it in a few years once I feel confident to move onto something bigger.
  19. Why would you buy a CB400 when you can buy a DR650 for $3.5K less which weighs 30kgs less and has 16NM more torque.

    The only thing the CB has is some more power but that is only important for top speed and we are talking about learner bikes where any speeding will lose your licence you are better off with more torque and less weight for real world riding (and money in your pocket).

    Its also a bike that you can ride still on your fulls, I have had my licence for 17 years and like the DR650 still.

    Oh and the 650s do even worse in the comparison. The GSX650 has the same power but is 75kgs more!