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called 000 today, first time ever...

Discussion in 'The Pub' at netrider.net.au started by russ, Sep 18, 2006.

  1. caged it in today...
    Had a black ute scream past and then slam on his brakes as he approached another car... he started weaving side to side. then he tried to merge into the car next to him, forgot about the car and then tried to merge into it again. That car left the scene quick smart... then the ute driver started to weave all over the road. it was a double laneway and he was taking up more than two lanes.. he hit the side kerb swerved back onto the road and went through a red light. At this point i decided to call the police... (My g/f was driving the car)
    felt a bit ridiculous phoning emergency but this guy was obviously more than a bit sh@#faced and he was heading to kew junction... :eek:

    took about five minutes to explain everything :shock: and they last words were "we're dispatching someone to <last place i saw him>"

    uhh he was travelling at about 100km/hr. he won't be there anymore :LOL:

    oh well... hopefully he didn't kill anybody. :?
  2. I don't like those "Thank God I'm in the cage today" moments...

    Hope he broke his ute.
  3. :shock: :shock:
    I didn't follow a lot of that, but it sounds like you did a good thing.
  4. Nah russ you'd be surprised. I know of quite a few cases where a driver like that was in fact caught up with by HWP after someone like you called them.

    Finding a white Camry would be a needle in a hay stack hehe not that many black utes in a few km's radius.
  5. Yeah Russ definitely the good option. I don't think there was must else you could have done... unless you were in a tank. :grin:
  6. good option russ... it sucks seeing that sort of thing in your cage.. but would be worse being on the road with him on ya bike.... pretty hard to call cops when riding trying to stay out of his way :p he he

    I'd love to see ya driving down the road in a tank lpc :shock: :p
  7. At least the cops were willing to do something. Mate of mine once phoned 000 after seeing a driver who was swerving all over the road and stopping frequently for no apparent reason, and was told there was no available units able to do anything :shock:. It was only when he told them that he was going to wait till the next time they stopped then "deal with them himself" that they finally (grudgingly) agreed to send a cop car :roll:. Oh and the cop car did show up and the driver was well and truly over the limt (was also unlicenced).
  8. sitting on the back seat of a school bus, dickhead driving behind was swerving all over the road, drinking bottles of beer and then lining them up on the dash, had at least 4 sitting there.
  9. I have called 000 a couple of times over dangerous driving. In one case, it was a guy that overtook me and a couple of other cars on the left (in a suburban street) before going onto the right hand side of the road at the roundabout and driving over the top of it. I managed to get the rego and when I rang the cops, sure enough, the car was stolen. Presumably they were making their departure from the scene of their most recent crime.

    Another time, more recently, after witnessing one of the most dangerous displays of driving on a motorway that I have ever seen, I called the cops again. I hope they caught him, but you never find out.
  10. When you call 000 in Melbourne metro area you just get a call centre pleb taking all the details down. They don't make the decision as to whether police will or won't attend and they don't run regos. The dispatcher will probably run the rego and broadcast the details of the alleged offence, and sometimes they'll even get a unit to attend if one is nearby and has nothing better to do.

    Victorian country police 000 are a bit different as they're generally staffed by police members who will cheerfully tell you where to go (because they can).
  11. Had this happen on the bike. Guy driving like a maniac - after he tore past me you could see the "wave" of cars moving to get out of his way as he tailgated, monstered and almost swapped paint on his way through. Pulled up next to him at some lights and gave him a serve. Told me to bugger off.

    Lane Cove cop shop was a few k's ahead so veered off and walked in to report him. They took a description and put it on the radio for all police vehicles in the direction he was last seen heading. Copper said they couldn't book him unless they saw him doing something, but if they saw him they would pull him over and "have a chat".

    So time was of the essence. If you are on the bike, consider pulling over or dropping into the local cop shop straight away.
  12. Had a car in front of me one day force another car off the road (freeway), no impact but intentionally roadrage merged into it and the other car went onto the dirt to avoid it, it regained control.

    I got its plate and called the local copshop when I got home.
    "we dont take reports, call crimestoppers"

    Called crimestoppers
    them "if there was no impact there was no crime"
    me "but dont you at least want the details in case the other driver who was attacked reports it and wants a witness?"
    them "look, if we take the report you might have to spend half a day at court being a witness, very inconvinent, you dont want to have to go to all that trouble do you?"
    me "yes, Im prepared to do that"
    them "unless you were the one run off the road we cant take a report, is there anything else"
    me - useless lazy bi%@$ - hangup
  13. Wasn't Zippy was it? :p:p
  14. I've tried to report a few drivers, and always get the whole "that numberplate doesn't exist" or similar. I think that is cop speak for I'm too lazy to give a shit. This is just a job to me.

    Regards, Andrew.
  15. The best way to handle something like this is to tell them he's forced several cars off the road and WILL KILL SOMEONE SOON.

    Give them your mobile number and TELL THEM to either put you through to the radio operator or call you back as you are following the vehicle at a safe distance and will let them know exactly where it is so they can intercept it.

    Also remind them you know this call is being recorded and I wouldn't want to be in their shoes if he did kill someone up the road :wink:

  16. pffft...I wouldn't work for that bunch of slackers :grin:
  17. Very unlikely you'll be put through to a radio operator. You 'might' get to talk to a SGT who can stay on the phone and enter the updated location details, and yes they might call you back if they have a unit in the area, to see if you still have the offending vehicle in sight. But don't count on it.

    After all police have real crimes to deal with, not these pissy traffic issues. At least that's what everyone tells the cop when they're pulled over. :roll:
  18. Aint that the truth :roll: :wink:
  19. Yeah, have to book mum and dad for travelling to work too fast, scofflaws!

    Regards, Andrew.