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Call to video arms - video of sensible filtering in 40kmh zones

Discussion in 'Multimedia' started by robsalvv, Jul 1, 2015.

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    Guys, get your go pros and contours strapped on and send through some sensible filtering in 40kmh zones.

    Victoria doesn't have school zone legislation. 40km/h limits in "school zones" are simply timed variable speed limits. While riders broadly agree with curtailing filtering in school zones, Victoria doesn't have the legislative arrangement to make that a simple thing. VicRoads has raised a few proposals around 40km/h zones, including banning filtering in all 40kmh zones. The DoJ is dead on supporting this based on their concerns of wayward pedestrians stepping out in front of filtering riders.

    What that means is that ANY 40km/h zone at any time, such as shopping strips or local councils introducing 40km/h zones as traffic calming measures - thus creating at times the kind of congestion in which riders would want to filter. In metro Melbourne, lygon street, chapel st, Toorak rd, high st Northcote etc, all come to minds as roads with 40km/h zones for 20hrs a day.

    We need copious video footage to show them sensible filtering in these zones showing why we do it and that the danger to pedestrians is illogical and overstated...

    Throw them up on YouTube or similar and link them up.

    This is a call to arms!
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  2. Pm sent
  3. Opening post updated for clarity.
  4. I actually support this part of the legislation as I am for ALL vulnerable road users being safe. Since the lowering of speed limits around shopping centres there has been an increase in collisions involving pedestrians and vehicles. People just assume its safe to walk out onto a road without looking. And around schools it goes without saying that a kid can open a car door without looking or step onto the road area between a parked vehicle and a vehicle travelling on the road. If there was filtering between a parked vehicle and the travelling vehicle is allowed this kid and motorcycle would collide.

    I'm more worried about the "when its safe" clause. That itself is such a grey area in other road laws.
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  5. No. Once again we have an imagined scenario that just doesn't play in the real world. Motorcycles filter all the time NOW, with such low levels of injury that it all but doesn't exist.
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    No issues with the "around schools" part of things, for the exact observations you raise. Plus you have the potential for distracted driver's making sudden moves in order to be able to drop off or pick up their kids. It's NOT really an environment that is conducive to filtering unless traffic is stationary.

    But the strip shopping areas like High street Preston etc., Google Maps or Northcote Google Maps which are 40km/h from 8am to midnight or lygon street carlton Google Maps or Toorak rd Sth Yarra Google Maps which are 40km/h permanently and can get heavily congested, are examples of where a rider needs to retain the option of filtering, not have it banned outright.
  7. Point taken Rob. But some questions, how long are these 40km/h roads? Would it cut much time off by being able to filter in peak times? Why are they 40km/h roads now? If the last one is because of pedestrian traffic then the proposed laws won't change.

    Titus, no it is not an imagined scenario, it has happened, although I will admit mainly by cars being in that space I mentioned. We don't need to filter in those school zones as the traffic usually flows at some sort of speed.
  8. Kilometres in some cases.

    It's not about the time saving. It's about having to remain in the bumper to bumper traffic at peak times, whereas at least now there is some legal ambiguity that allows filtering to take place.

    Partly due to pedestrian traffic, partly due to traffic calming, partly due to ideology. What's the more likely incident? A nose to tail in stop start traffic, or a pedestrian running out blindly onto a busy road?
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  9. The heavier the congestion the more likely it is that pedestrians will wander in between stationary cars to cross roads or get to tram stops.
  10. Again, what's the more likely incident - a nose to tail in stop start traffic or a pedestrian running out blindly onto a busy road? The risk to riders has got to be in the equation. I've seen some very frustrated drivers in these congested environments and have had to ride with hyper vigilance. There is a more clear and present danger from the vehicles to motorcycles, than there is from motorcycles to pedestrians. But more to the point, if the 40km/h limit means it is a safe precinct for pedestrians and filtering is capped at 30 or 40km/h, then it totally negates the argument that a filtering bike is a danger to a pedestrian as the bike is operating on the road with in the prescribed speed limit.

  11. This point is so damn correct. It is getting the naysayers to realise nothing is going to change.
  12. Remember Rob you have to think like "them" to change their mind and at the moment you are thinking like a responsible person who rides a motor bike. :)

    Before all the 40 zones were brought into place I would have said nose to tail, but now I've been to more pedestrians being hit in those areas than nose to tails.
  13. I actually don't doubt it, people don't feel the danger. How many where from motorcycles?
  14. So then lets get the video footage going to find all these zombie pedestrians in peak hour doing their best to be hit by filtering motorbikes.
  15. The whole friggin CBD is 40 !
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  16. That would be a big fat 0.
  17. I hate that my nuts roast if I am stationary and I hate sucking fumes from other vehicles.
    Riders should be allowed to filter. The effects of extreme heat in protective gear is a real concern on hot days in stationary traffic.
  18. This rider doesn't support a ban in school zones.
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  19. Wouldn't be hard to do, plenty of zombie students deafened by headphones around Lonsdale/Swanston and Lonsdale/Elizabeth streets. But in all seriousness, pedestrians do filter between stationary traffic in the CBD at most times during the day. It will just take a big ass 4WD to block a filtering motorcycle from their view before one gets collected.
  20. robsalvvrobsalvv How soon do you need the video? I've got a local set of shops that are a timed 40 with dual lanes, plus as people have said the entire CDB is 40 so copious examples should flood in for that....