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Call to stop police chases.

Discussion in 'Politics, Laws, Government & Insurance' at netrider.net.au started by aaahhh, Jan 23, 2012.

  1. Is there any value to police chases? Do the risks outweigh the rewards? Especially when innocents are killed. I'd hate to be crusing through an intersection on a green light when some tool being chased by the police is running the red at high speed.

  2. You need to balance that against giving crims the idea that if they make it to their car they'll get away because nobody's allowed to chase them.
    It's a tough one and I'm glad I'm not the one making these decisions!
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  3. no car or bike can outrun a radio
  4. My father was killed in exactly this way.

    That said I still support the police of this nation using whatever resources they need to catch criminals.

    Mind you I could be biased....1) for the above reason and 2) I was a prison officer for 10 years....lol
  5. Unfortunately yes, people have and will continue to die as a result of police pursuits. How many people die on the roads due to other reasons? Should we go as far as to ban motor vehicle transport all together then because people have died?

    If police pursuits are banned, and the police went to pull you over for speeding, would you stop?
  6. I don't think anything would change for the majority of road users - if they lit me up I'd pull over.... Well mostly, if I was pretty sure they'd spotted my numberplate...

    But if I'd taken the trouble to steal a car and/or some plates and therefore had not much chance of being traced to home, why would I?

    And how many people would start keeping a "spare" set of plates for the odd high-speed bike run?
  7. nk beat me
  8. If I knew they wouldn't chase me, hell no.
  9. This. Along with other modern toys, surely...
  10. there are too many morons already out there, imagine if theres no 'deterrent' at all..
  11. this.
  12. spare plates...........
    id just hook up a servo to my passing light switch.
    kinda want to do it now, but dont want it to be found
  13. yes stop all Police chases and have the Army use the fleeing vehicle as target practice from Blackhawk helicopters.
  14. I was informed by a Yarra glen Vic pol officer that a large number of the speedin bikes he goes to pull over,

    He lit me up, I pulled over immediately.

    He thanked me
    For stopping !!!

    Very nice Bloke.
  15. Stu how nice???
    He doesn't mind less kittens???
  16. They're not going to catch a bike with a decent rider. Then again do they have too. They can call ahead or wait for you to come back.
    Very very few innocents get hit by a running bike. Let alone killed.
    Yup most run, how do they catch them. The Ambo's tell them where they found them lol.
    It's s toughy. My mind says why don't we take their guns and cuffs as well.
    The kid who runs comes unstuck pretty quick.
    The serious crim, who runs, Runs for his life and has no conscience about taking you out to be free.
  17. Police already have to stop the chase under certin conditions. There main objective is to protect lives and if a chase reaches this objective then the chase is called off. 100% of the time the runner will continue to run in mannar causing danger to other.
  18. God imagine how much worse these ******** cowboy HWP officers would be if they werent able to blow off steam and involve themselves in risky police chases every now and again.

    It would be like banning a 15 year old boy from jacking off.
  19. 20 years of therapy and there answer is right there
  20. Yeh I saw some wowser guy on tv this morning pleading that cops must chase people and alot of the time it's the "only" way to catch the offenders. What a crock, so much for radios and helicopters, fingerprints, DNA hell let's just call it police work. I reckon I see a PolAir chopper in the sky every day, there's more than one in Sydney afaik and they're always around. You'd think they could get on scene within minutes.

    The cops like chases too much, the real scary one is how many chases take place unofficially. When the other car crashes "police were on the scene immediately".