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VIC Call to fine motorcyclists in inappropriate riding gear

Discussion in 'Politics, Laws, Government & Insurance' started by Kamikaze_Kawasaki, Mar 28, 2016.

  1. Here we go again....

    No Cookies | Herald Sun

    Call to fine Victorian motorcyclists in inappropriate riding gear
    March 28, 2016 1:03pm
    IAN ROYALLbHerald Sun

    No excuses on our roads this Easter
    MOTORCYCLISTS riding in shorts and thongs should be fined, a bike riders group says.

    A helmet is the only protective gear motorcyclists are legally required to wear.

    But the Independent Riders Group’s Damien Codognotto said police should have the power to pull over bikers in inappropriate gear.

    Since January 1, 24 riders have died on Victoria’s roads.

    MORE: Alarm at shocking motorcycle toll

    “We have 100 per cent support for a ban on thongs, because it’s easy to see and it’s easy to enforce,” Mr Codognotto said.
    But he said confusion over standards for jackets, pants and boots could make any mandated clothing laws virtually unworkable.

    “If you have a law saying you have to have boots you have to define the boots,” Mr Codognotto said.

    Confusion over standards for jackets, pants and boots could make new laws for riders unworkable.
    Assistant Commissioner Doug Fryer said some riders’ wearing of thongs, T-shirts and shorts was “ridiculous”.

    “While it’s not legislated yet we should be encouraging everyone to put on the proper boots and jackets. I’d back anything that protects our riders on the road,’’ he said.

    Mr Fryer also said 42 per cent of injured riders taken to hospital were not wearing proper footwear.

    “Having the right equipment can be the difference between life and death, and goes a long way to limiting the severity of injuries if you do have a crash,” he said.

    Recent Transport Accident Commission research found that motorcyclists who shunned proper boots were twice as likely to suffer severe lower-leg injuries in a crash.

    The TAC’s Samantha Cockfield said the research highlighted the importance of wearing motorcycle boots.

    “Motorcycle boots are specifically designed to stay on during a crash and provide protection from impacts and abrasion,” Ms Cockfield said.

    The Victorian Motorcycle Council also urged all bikers to wear good protective jackets, boots, pants and gloves.

    But the VMC’s spokesman, John Eacott, said that enforcing mandated standards on clothing would be almost impossible.

    He also said any new rules could discourage interstate riders, which could cost the local tourism industry millions of dollars a year.

    It is believed the government currently is opting merely to encourage motorcycle riders to do the right thing, in preference to considering penalising those shunning protective gear.

    Roads Safety Minister Luke Donnellan said the rate of motorcycle crashes so far this year was alarming.

    The TAC findings were from a survey of 763 Victorian motorcyclists who were injured between 2010 and 2014.
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  2. For heaven's sake - people are ALLOWED to do stupid things. The law is supposed to prevent people from causing harm to others. Anything else is nanny state. We seem to be increasingly in the hands of well-meaning control freaks. To quote our (WA) Police Commissioner, "people have to stop making laws on a whim". He said this in regard to a call to make motorcyclists wear hi vis gear for supposed increased safety. Responsible government gives expert advice. Adult citizens should be free to choose. Any arguments relating to the financial cost to the community has very little moral or ethical footing as long as we have the taxation system that we have where everybody pays or has paid taxes. BTW I am an ATGATT rider EXCEPT for boots. I wear joggers or occasionally my work shoes.
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  3. I personally think anyone who doesn't wear motorcycle boots and gloves are taking a big risk in severe injury in a minor fall. But I don't agree with handing out fines. Personal safety is a personal choice. Damien Codognotto can f'ck off.
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  4. Yep, I agree. It's like that eye tattooing thing recently and the politician saying people have the right to do stupid things.
  5. Agree he always puts his mouth in motion before thinking out the consequences.
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  6. Not from me he doesn't.
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  7. But when that personal stupid choice ends up to be at the expense of other road users through TAC, questions have to be asked. Don't get me wrong I do believe in freedom of choice but there needs to be consequences good or bad. Perhaps not fining them before they have an accident but perhaps they could void insurance access if in an accident are found not to be wearing sufficient road safety gear such as shorts and Tshirt.

    My personal philosophy is if it is too hot to wear protective gear it is too hot to ride IMHO.
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  8. While I personally don't advocate the shorts, thongs and beanie riding attire....I value personal freedoms a whole lot more than any altruistic nanny state bureaucratic BS laws.

    BTW if victoads/tac were serious about the escalation in numbers this year, how about they separate the unriders ( which I believe is over 1/3 of the total ) from the real motorcyclists.....

    Unriders are NOT motorcyclists and the REAL motorcycle community should not have to carry their number.

    Oh and another thing...... incognetto should just cease and desist (fcuk off).
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  9. What's a unrider??
  10. unrider = unlicensed, unregistered or both
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  11. Which kind of thong are they talkin' about?



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  12. that just made me choke on my porridge......
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  13. They should be allowed to wear what they want, just void the insurance for injury/death when they do come off without sufficient gear.
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  14. I don't think wearing thongs (the foot type) or sandals are appropriate so would agree to seeing closed toe shoes with ankle support added to helmets as minimum safety requirements. I can't see how thongs could be safe when it comes to pulling up in traffic and putting your food down to stabilise your bike, even less so in the case of an off - ever seen a skinned foot? not a pretty sight.

    it would be interesting to see how an insurance company considered the wearing of thongs in the case of a claim.

    I don't mean high-heel shoes etc so no need to post pics of ladies footwear to make my point as that is not what I'm referring to - but please do feel free to post pics of ladies footwear for my entertainment as I am fan depending on who's wearing it.
  15. And who is going to be the judge of what is 'sufficient' gear? The insurance company?
    I reckon I can see where that will end up.

    I'll just stick with my long held view that each rider is best placed to make decisions about his/her own wellbeing and not leave it to a self-interested insurer or bureaucrat.
    I do wear more gear now than I did when I was a noob, but that's because I've learnt a bit over the years. Give people more information and they make better choices.
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  16. here you go chilliman64chilliman64
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  17. As a personal example, If i'm working on a bike and want to take it for a quick run around the block, it's stupid to go and put on all my gear. It's my decision and people shouldn't be dictating other peoples decision to them.

    The overall problem, however, is that it's a slippery slope. Sure I agree people shouldn't be going for a real ride with thongs on, but what's next? Sneakers? then fabric jackets? We'll all end up riding around in storm trooper outfits.

    Do not let this can of worms be open people. Motorcycling is dangerous and the only logical consclusion to this train of thought is that motorcycles should be banned. It will be the end of motorcycling. Stop it.
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  18. lol - yeah not really what I was after but still I applaud your effort
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  19. wow, that's a long bow you're drawing there ibastibast a bit of a conspiracy theorist are you? talk of appropriate footwear means the end of motorcycling, I think not.

    you could be right though I suppose - let's just wait it out and see if bikes get banned shall we?