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Call to ban cage fighting

Discussion in 'The Pub' started by Scottatron, Sep 21, 2007.

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  1. http://news.ninemsn.com.au/article.aspx?id=297334

    And the stupid part is the poll run on ninemsn had Yes WAY in front. Do these people not realise that if they want to ban UFC style fighting, then they would need to ban:

    Boxing / Kick Boxing / Martial Arts
    Motor racing

    All of these are dangerous and "potentially lethal"

    Utter bullshit. These guys are trained professionals, and the match is stopped as soon as a fighter cannot defend himself or taps out....unlike most boxing matches I have seen.
  2. they had a doco on sbs about a year back about a famous cage/no rules fighter. called "the machine" or something like that. i found it really interesting it was incredibly violent and he was a drugged up idiot but really good watch.

    The sport seems to be alot cleaner/safer now. perhaps they should ban cigarette's or maccas if they really want to stop something dangerous....not that i dont mind abit of maccas every now and then

    my 2 cents on this slow day
  3. Does anyone watch Pride & UFC (& others)? (Pride doesn't really 'exist' as such anymore, cos it was bought out by UFC, but anyhoo..) My bfs mate is over fighting in Japan right now, for the next month. He's been over twice before, & just loves the mixed martial art/combat sport. I'm not reallllllly a fan of violence, can't stand boxing, but can sometimes appreciate the skill & technique of people who do martial arts & mixed combat style fighting...

    I reckon that boxing is worse for a person than the mixed martial arts/combat sport type fighting, as boxing's a lot to do with hits to the head (generally speaking). At least with the 'cage' fights (what a name, pfft), there's tapping out to win, which happens a fair bit, not such a high ratio of knockouts.

    (Wish I could remember the guy's last name, I'd Google him!)
  4. If some blokes want to beat the sh!t out of each other, than who am I to say that can't do it! Better they take the anger out on themselves than on some dude in a bar!

    People have been beating the sh!t out of themselves for centuries, it's nothing new. It's just marketed now.
  5. I'm about to run a poll on what has been the most irrelevant poll run on Netrider. Guess which one I expect will win? :roll: :LOL:.
  6. I think ultimate fighting should be banned as it's a sport run by f*ckwits, FOR f*ckwits and does little but encourage drooling f*ckwits to get their screaming, baying testosterone on.

    Then again, perhaps it serves a valuable purpose in keeping food on the table of our poor, struggling pay tv moguls, and keeping large numbers of f*ckwits occupied and off the streets.

    I dunno, it's a tough one.
  7. Is there a "does God exist?" poll?
  8. You don't need a poll for that; the fact that we exist proves He does :p :LOL:.
  9. well, being of a boxing background, i thoroughly enjoy watching UFC.
    i guess that makes me a drooling f*ckwit....but i already knew that, i was roadraged not long ago for filtering and a car yelled out "what makes you think you can cut in ya F*CKWIT?!" so this news is nothing new.

    sometimes i wince when i think the damage to a person is getting beyond what is necessary but hey, they put themselves in there ;)
  10. Then the corollary to that is that the existance of Idi Amin, our mate Osama, and maybe even George W (Bush) proves old Nick :demon: exists.

    Both arguments are tautologies, defined in Wikpedia as:

    "a statement of propositional logic which can be inferred from any proposition whatsoever"

    My 2c.
  11. I see this is going to another "This I Believe" thread! :LOL:
  12. Not really into combat sports myself, but we're talking about consenting adults here so I couldn't care less what they do to each other. I certainly don't think it should be banned. Historically, prohibition (of anything) does not have a good record of success.

    Hell, the wife's granddad made a decent supplementary income from bare-knuckle contests, and that's been illegal in the UK since goodness knows when.

    Whether the whole thing should be such a big money circus is another matter though. But that applies to most professional sport these days.
  13. Ah, look I'm being too harsh. Still, there are a hell of a lot of drooling f*ckwits associated with this sort of sport. But then, there's a little bit of drooling f*ckwit in all of us.
  14. +1 what loz said, F*ckwits are what ended up turning me off martial arts.
  15. The difference between boxing and UFC (and even the various kickboxing), is that even a bad UFC bout is relatively entertaining. In boxing they can hold on and on, and it becomes boring. With UFC, the one sided contests are easily won and they move onto the next one.

    Saw a show on Foxtel recently, somehow joined to UFC (or did they call it the Octagon?), anyway, similar to Big Brother, two teams living in a house and there was a fight each week and the loser would leave.
  16. :LOL: :LOL:

    Oh, how true! It's just triggered differently in each of us.
  17. UFC's been toned down now anyone, its now where near as harsh as Pride and some of the earlier contests. Its mainly a grapple fest now anyway.

    My only issue would just be making sure that kids dont see it, much like p0rn, other violence etc. (over)Censorship does tend to sh!t me though, cause it's usually imposed because a minority isn't doing the right thing.
  18. f*ck body-enforced (media, government, etc) censorship. parents have to be parents IMHO.
  19. Huh? Most of the UFC type stuff I've seen on TV has been exactly what you described for boxing: a flurry of kicks and punches for a few seconds at the bell, then they go to the mat and stay straining in one position for minutes at a time.
  20. Ahhh man love. :LOL: Nothing wrong with it!