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Call me weird

Discussion in 'New Riders and Riding Tips' started by Krooza, Aug 12, 2005.

  1. I can't wait to get me first bike. I've had my learners for a whole week nearly. Is it strange for me to want to wear my helmet and gloves while driving the car?

  2. No, it's strange that you haven't yet.
  3. You're weird.
  4. well,i was like this.when u take the car out u start seeing more bikes out on the road then u start wrkin out wat model,sex of the rider etc
  5. Congrats on your learners.

    Did you rice your car up with a cardboard body kit when you had your gloves and helmet on?
  6. I'll have to add the cardboard next.

    My problem is there's only really saturdays to look at bikes since i work all week and the shops are shut on sundays. its not enough time.
  7. Krooza, I have assessed your symptoms and diagnosed that you have "motorcyclus absentius syndrome"; you are suffering withdrawal symptoms from something you haven't got yet. It's perfectly normal to wear gloves and helmet in the car; at worst you will be very safe if you have an accident.
    The cure, you already have in hand, is to get your bike. SOON!!!!
  8. if you need to relieve your symptoms there are always those little kids toy things near supermarkets.

    And there are always the racing games at crown.
  9. He's not weird!! That's somebody else :p
  10. me maybe?
  11. Krooza You're Weird, but thats OK.
  12. How you think i feel? i get my p's in 1 month and 3 days, but wont have a bike to ride till next year, but still have a bit of gear from motorcross days sitting round..maybe put all the gear on, get on a pushbike and roll down a really really steep hill and test your gear out??
  13. Weird is par for the course.
    Revel in it. 8)
  14. However, there IS www.bikepoint.com.au and www.tradingpost.com.au to narrow down your search time.
  15. I have a simmilar question.
    The other day a guy asked me out but I turned him down cos he doesnt ride. He has a really high paying job, likes to spend his money on others, and is good looking.

    Does this make ME weird?
  16. GEEEEE Krooza i must be in the same vote as you cause ive been walking around pretending i'm starting a bike makin cha cha cha and vroom vroom vroom noises waiting ta get my yami delivered only a coupla more weeks and the agony will be over :LOL: :LOL: :LOL:
  17. Don't worry guys, the rest of us HAVE bikes and we still get withdrawl symptoms when we haven't ridden for a day or two.

    So, yes, you ARE weird, but it's a GREAT kind of weird.

    And eswen, yes, you definitely ARE weird
    If he's got heaps of money you can get him into riding and then he can buy you that MV Agusta you're lusting after....get with the program, girl.
  18. Therein lies the problem. You are assuming one peccadillo is the defining point for weirdness. In your case m'dear, it is much, much more than that.

    Shall we make a list?
  19. yes please?
  20. Nothing to see here...move along!