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VIC Call for motorcyclists to weave at lights

Discussion in 'Politics, Laws, Government & Insurance' started by jimtron83, Dec 13, 2012.

  2. weave?????
  3. Awesome I can crochet a cardigan while stopped at lights.
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  4. The cardigan brigade strikes again!
  5. Weird language indeed, nothing like an attention hetting headline, even if it bears little relationship to the actual topic.
  6. The sorts of comments made by drivers to this article fuel my desire to filter and then wheelie away at every set of lights. Eventually I'll be good enough to raise my left hand in a one finger salute too.

    fcuktards sitting in 5-7 seater SUVs by themselves and getting self righteous about smaller vehicles taking advantage of their size. fcuk you.
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  7. Another journalist dramatising, and misleading the public on an otherwise good topic for us riders. The comments make interesting reading.
  8. Anyone who disagrees with filtering needs to talk to the poms.
  9. The comments section is interesting reading. Some knuckle-dragger drivers' comments getting belted out of the park by sensible argument (mostly).
    Very fortunate indeed that the biggest point of the whole report was that policy be decided by rigorous research and not ignorant opinion.
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    See if you can spot mine :p
  11. Thanks
  12. I was riding to the city the other day and filtered to the front, got to the front and saw a cop on a motorbike filtering up behind me, i pulled into the left lane he pulled into the right, just looked at me and when the lights turned green we took off...

    they must not care anymore..

    i like filtering, beats sitting in banked up traffic on the highway.. those whinging about it obviously wish they had a bike and could do it as well.
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  13. Hmmm, tough question. I'll opt for 'SRG' ? (dunno why)

    Once again Rider5 brains 'em. Well done Rob.
    Good posts, Jimtron. (y)
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  14. Got it in one! ;)
  15. mmmm do the government ( Vic pol ) and the TAC advertise in the Age
    They advertise in the Hun .They advertise their propaganda on channel 9 .
    looks like a so called journalist getting on his knees and kissing the backside of the major advertiser with a bit of emotive language .
  16. That, or he got laid that morning :]
  17. He's probably had enough attending crashes where some 'tard in an SUV drove into the back of a bike that didn't filter.
  18. Reading some of those comments just makes me unhappy about the fact that i KNOW i share the roads with those sorts of attitudes -:-(
  19. Herald sun editorial