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Call for 40kmh speed limit on St Kilda Rd

Discussion in 'The Pub' at netrider.net.au started by trd2000, Sep 7, 2016.

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  2. What a joke!

    City of Port Phillip seem to think cars are the work of the devil the way they speak. I recently sent them a letter asking about the possibility of getting angled parking on the street I live on, as it's more than wide enough and trying to find a park after 7pm is nigh on impossible. The response I got was that the standard policy is not to make it any easier to own a car because that would make traffic worse and hurt the environment. Which is a load of bollocks, seeing as City of Port Phillip includes Dandenong road, St Kilda Road, Beach Road, Punt Road and whole bunch of other pretty busy roads. The vast majority of traffic in the council is not from residents.

    They mentioned that Utrecht had provisions for 2500 undercover spots. That's great. The Netherlands also has a way higher percentage of cyclists in the population. If you've ever been to a country like The Netherlands, Denmark or Sweden you'll have seen the number of cyclists. It blows Melbourne out of the water.

    St Kilda Rd already has a variable speed limit at school times. And at peak hour anything faster than 30 is pretty much impossible anyway. A 40km/h limit would only slow down traffic when the road is practically empty anyway.
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  3. The People's Republic of Yarra are determined to introduce 30kph limits, re-iterated in their latest Safe Travel Strategy. The City of Port Phillip is finalising on-street free motorbike parking to replace the pavement parking ban at Acland Street, but an overnight ban has been followed by a six month 'consultation' process.

    The councils are out of control; or should I say controlled by various minority groups with agendas designed to introduce unwanted and unworkable policies making day-to-day living less than easy.
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  4. 'Ms Ferres Miles said she had recently been part of an Australian delegation to visit the Netherlands to see their bicycle culture, infrastructure and facilities.'

    I propose an "Australian delegation" to visit the Isle of Man to see their motorcycle culture, infrastructure and facilities.
    To get a balanced view perhaps stop at Daytona Speed Week & Sturgis on the way back.

    Any more jobs going on the council like this? - tell them I'm available!
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  5. You could take people like Miles anywhere you want but unless you surgically remove the blinkers and attitude it would be a complete waste of time.

    IoM around the bayside suburbs....where do I sign up ?????
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  6. And today, an invented lobby group calling itself Victoria Walks (wonder how much taxpayer funding it attracts...) has demanded 30km/h limits.
    They are right about one thing however - car drivers widely fail to understand that they have to give way to peds on roads they are turning into.
  7. the irony of this, the new domain station will be infinately safer for pedestrians, and cyclists than the existing tram stop, theres an underground crossing meaning they wont have to cross the road....... if the council were being logical they'd call for an increase in the limit.... hahahhaha omg rofl. like that would ever happen.

    the train station at the domain might slightly increase building occupancy in that area.... but realistically, it's more about getting trains off the city loop, preventing 1hr waits between southern cross and flinders st, and getting more city workers to use the train in....... it's not about upgrading access to the st kilda rd police station or the cenotaph.
  8. Not if there is a controlled pedestrian crossing, e.g. a red walking man showing against the pedestrian.
  9. I was thinking about uncontrolled crossings when I wrote that, but you are right that peds are the primary culprits at ignoring traffic control signals.
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  10. They had a post on their Facebook page where they were calling for bikes to be banned from footpaths.
  11. like they are in NSW? :(