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VIC Californication Superbike school

Discussion in 'Racing, Motorsports, and Track Days' started by uncle greg, Apr 20, 2016.

  1. so since allot of people contributed to make this happen for me i guess its only fair i report on the experience you guys and galls are about to put me through

    first up im a little bit nervous of the day
    although i have been to heaps of track days , i have never ridden on a road race circuit before
    mainly i have photographed other people doing it
    and to be honest i dont really know what to expect
    the forecast for the day is 25c with a minimum of 17
    so , great conditions
    i will be riding my bike down in the morning and riding home in the afternoon
    one thing on my side though
    and i am really thankful for is that there will be around fifteen people that i know doing the coarse on the same day

    am i excited ?
    to fcuking rite i am
    eternaly gratefull to the guys that thought this up and most thankful to every one that contributed towards getting me there
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  2. Can't think of a more worthy recipient, GregGreg. I hope you have an awesome day. Kudos to everyone that came up with the idea and contributed to to it.
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  3. thanks mate
    dont know about the deserve bit but will make the most of it

    its been a bit overwhelming how every one chipped in
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  4. It's the least we could do Uncle ,Lead a ride week in and week out all fcuken year, when the weather is suitable.
    You will have a great day, and you are a champion Uncle (y).
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  5. Know exactly how you feel! My wife bought me a voucher for this as a present and I'm doing Level 1 at PI next week.

    Should be a fun day!
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  6. #6 uncle greg, Apr 20, 2016
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    what day mate?

    the only reason i do the rides is because i love riding with you dudes
    probably wouldnt ride 1/4 if i had to ride by myself
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  7. ;)

    Don't forget to take cake..

    And have fun.
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  8. Doing it on Wednesday 27th
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  9. Wife and I have done levels 1 through to three, in my opinion it is worthwhile. I reckon someone as thick as you will get something out of it :p

    Backing them up with a track day so you can practices new fund skills is a good idea, but you need to do them frequently or you tend to go backwards.

    I look forward to reading about your first time up and over Lukey Heights.
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  10. #10 uncle greg, Apr 20, 2016
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    shall see you there then

    you are talking about my pee pee now aint you
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  11. Nice one. I'll make sure to say g'day
  12. What to expect? After an hour you'll be thinking that it's not what you expected at all. But don't worry it all comes together as the day progresses.
    Just go with the system and by the end you'll have a ball.
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  13. #13 uncle greg, Apr 20, 2016
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    thats if i can stop blabbering long enough anyways

    thanks mate
    i intend to get the most i can out of this
    i know i have a few areas that need work on
  14. UG. I'm driving down on Tuesday with Engin and Abdullah. Do you need to chuck anything in the car
  15. no thanks mate allready been offered
    SammyASammyA is taking some fuel for me
  16. Fuel? Do you have to carry your own fuel as well??
  17. sorry i mean whisky
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  18. Yes..that is the most important ingredient.
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  19. Looks like UG EPIC superbike school day, you will have a ball. I'm also booked for 27th see you there.
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  20. wow
    thats 17