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Californian Superbike School

Discussion in 'Racing, Motorsports, and Track Days' at netrider.net.au started by Moyston, Nov 4, 2010.

  1. HI, i just felt like a bit of a rant on this, but for those who are interested in learning more skills with the riding of your bike , whether it be on track or even on the road, this school was on its own in what it showed and taught.
    There are 4 levels to do depending on how far you want to go.
    Anyway ive done level 1 and it was $369 for the course, which i thought was ok. Then they put there prices up to $469 and i went on today to enquire and they say the dates are up for next year and the price is now $529. THATS A FUKN MASSIVE INCREASE OF 144% IN A YEAR!!!
    How do they justify that, and how would really the average person be able to do all 4 levels or even at least 2, when you throw in tyres and fule and accomodation. ALL for 1 day!. The prices for Phillipi island havnt risen that much and its basically trying to make more money out of the rider who just wants to learn. they dont supply shit, apart from a friggin salad roll and drink.Big bloody deal!. There is no insurance as they dont cover anyone for a fall, no bike and the liability insurance. Jesus it made me mad, and sent them a letter saying its wrong to charge that much. No other school or even ride day costs that much, and there double.
    Dont care if people here read this and just want to learn how to apply a brake when they approach a corner, i dont , i want to improve my handling and also understand the effects that i take and what they have on the bike so as to totally improve.
    Anyone got a suggestion for any other ride school that offers the same or better? CALIFORNIAN SUPERBIKE SCHOOL :butt:

    end of rant,:censored: fee is ridiculos...:furious:
  2. forget the ride schools then, yes the info you get is good but if they want to rip u off stuff em, do track days instead and watch what others are doing (look for the good riders), challenge yourself on each lap, i reckon after a couple of track days youll be up there with the best of them
  3. +1 to track days.

    You will be able to talk to other riders and get advice and follow their lead if you ask them nicely. Everyone is there to have fun and learn from each other :)...so they will probably not bite if you ask :p.

    I was given heaps of advice when I took the VFR out for a spin at PI for the first time...was awesome fun and smiles all round...despite mechanical issues early in the day.
  4. Don't get to excited girls, the price for td's is going up also...
  5. You want expert advice, you pay the expert's price.

    /soon to be a lawyer.
  6. I just noticed the price in the email that landed today... $529... wow.

    At $400 I'd consider it... and I've done Level1 twice, level 2 and 3... Have costs really gone up that much?? Wow.
  7. Sweeties if you are Sydney bound you could spend the day at The Farm with Mr Spence and his race chums have a delicious gourmet barbie and limited to 12 of you for less.

    Darlings the stuff dreams are made of with a surface like a billiard table.
  8. Isn't The Farm invite only?
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  10. I just checked; it's more expensive to do CSBS here than in the States.
  11. What's a better descriptor than a Billard table because I think you're selling it short :)
  12. we get ripped here somthing shockin, whether it be track days at PI or even internet and mobile phone plans..we get ripped. For Christmas, i want some more Vaseline, as im getting shafted everywere!
  13. Big fan of what they teach at CSS, but it does look like it's being seen as an elite sport now.

    So look at the alternatives: Join Preston Motorcycle Club and go to one or two of their introductory days at Broadford. Several a year, really well run and much cheaper than PI.
    The introductory days are for track beginners, they cover a lot of the same info, very friendly and a great little track.

    Competition is the best way to keep prices down (although the Preston MC days are not really commercially run 'track days'.)
  14. not sticking up for css, but maybe rent for the track went up forcing them to pass it on.

    fwiw - I was going to do one in the new year, but i think that is to expensive. Ill find another mentor...
  15. mmmm if the price of the track did go up you would think they CSS ; would let everyone know as a common sense business decision and good PR . I think there are just trying to make money out of the popularity and growth in 2 wheels . real same
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  17. was the ex CEO of Coca Cola, built it for his Mclaren he bought and his son smashed it, and what u see there was classified as a driveway as the council wouldnt allow the track to be built so he put plans in for a driveway :D
  18. A word to the wise my dear fellow, that ravishing Sydney based Moderator is correct it is for all intents and purposes a private road, as such it is devoid of ripple strips. Darlings there is some rather witty traffic sign placement.

    Sweeties you need to be fit and I would further suggest at the very least know how to amble around a track.......
  19. Thanks Rattus.

    As an obviously experienced Tracker, how would you suggest one prepare for such a road without being done up the bum by EC (which un/fortunately is only 10 min from my house?)
    Or am I over thinking this and missing the simple message of "at least be familiar with, and competent on your machine"?
    The fitness thing I understand. Since moving to the ZZR from the GSXF I find I'm using a completely new muscle set.

    Any and all advice is always welcomed and appreciated.
  20. Darling I'm going to make the assumption that you are a relative novice. This little biscuit would suggest CSS as a starting point then a couple of TD's if you are so inclined. Ultimately you want to enjoy any track based experience. The Farm should become a goal down the track (no pun intended)