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Californian super-laser to create a SUN

Discussion in 'The Pub' started by loki, Apr 30, 2010.

  1. anyone see this in the news?


    from a criminal genius' point of view;
    this would be so much better the the Hadron Collider's black holes. I mean, this market is FINALLY getting some real competition.
    The Collider just takes up too much space, you couldn't fit one in under your Skull Mountain island base. The Livermore Star can fit in a medium sized factory and runs on heavy water, which, conveniantly, surrounds your island base.

    And there's something TOO subtle about using black holes to create anarchy. civilians can't FEAR something that's invisible and jumps out of the shadows (although... there are "exceptions"). I mean, it's like a ninja assasinating someone in the back with a silenced weapon. there's no ceremony. no "money shot". You're just wasting all of John Woo's special slow-motion film.

    Two more years they reckon, until they can find out if their theory and technology will work. Should be enough time for me to type out a new 1200 page testament for the religion I'm going to start when I steal that s**t and make my own personal sun.

    They will call it "Year Zero".

  2. If you look really closely, you can see the American scientists wondering if it's really such a great idea after all. :p

  3. Just use some sunscreen...
  4. Loki - You need to work on your monologues a bit more. (y)
  5. i like the DIY guide they have included =D>
  6. Impressive looking mockup there. But that doesn't exactly look like a state-of-the-art facility to me...
  7. Operation pipedown here.............
    Can you please repeat this at one of our EPA test centers as we believe you may be in breach of our noise levels.
    Oh, and just as important, don't forget to pay your $40!
  8. [​IMG]

    As the Deathstar approached, Luke realised that perspective could play some cruel tricks
  9. I thought April 1st was long gone :LOL:
  10. So who builds these criminal hideouts?! And is there a hench mens union?
  11. hench-PERSON'S union, please :LOL:
  12. PC crap has no place in my evil organization!!!
  13. What about health plan and RDO's? :grin:
  14. I wonder what would happen if you focused a super-laser on a Ginger
  15. I think a bunch of evil hench-women would be a lot better.

  16. Hench Women?

  17. You're a very sick man Rob! 8-[
  18. Ewww, they're definitely evil :eek:
  19. Rob, that pic made me feel quite eek!!!!!!

    This one calms the stomach again.....

    Though girls on right need a pair of scissors for their granny skirts, had quite an appeal in it's day.....:dance: