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VIC California Superbike School

Discussion in 'Racing, Motorsports, and Track Days' at netrider.net.au started by bmwfanboy, Apr 25, 2016.

  1. Am doing California Superbike School at Phillip Island tmw - any other dudes on this forum going along?

  2. yeah a couple
    BertyBerty and@nedcc
    but a few on the 27th
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    get some!!!

    uncle greguncle greg it is time to unleash your epic dudeness on the island - bask in the glory of the awesomeness that is uncle greguncle greg
  4. All checked into the Island and ready to go! See you there, come say Hi!

    it's Ghost chipsGhost chips now Uncle ....
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    i keep forgetting
    have fun guys and gall

    just hope i dont crash
  6. It going to be awesome, the weather is perfect, just watching the sunset over the bay now. Popped into the track this afternoon to see AdamAAdamA lay some rubber down for us, so the track is good and ready :) :)

    You must be counting the hours now Uncle, not long to go!
  7. you will surprise and impress yourself.

    when I did Lvl1 at SMSP one guy came off. he was a hotdogger and it surprised no-one that he came off early in the 4th gear exercise.
  8. Ready to go. Weather is looking perfect. IMAG1647.
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  9. Dude
    i tried to get in for tomorow but didnt want to chance the waiting list
    have fun
    see you guys soon
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  10. Ok, I'm all pumped for CSS this Wednesday at QR (anyone else here there that day?) but have a couple quick questions (I want to ensure I don't show up only to not be able to participate).

    1. The requirement on footwear is boots with hard ankle support and length up to mid-calf. I've got Dainese TRQ Tour Goretex boots. They aren't track boots per se, but I'm assuming these will pass the test. My thoughts on the stipulations is that they are designed to rule out army type boots and basketball style motorbike shoes.


    2. I've put GB Racing covers on my clutch and alternator. The clutch cover fits like a glove but the alternator cover needs me to flex it out a bit to bolt it in as there are ridges on the inside of the cover that press hard up against the OEM alternator cover. I thought that GB covers were supposed to have about 1mm of clearance to ensure that rubbing doesn't occur to prevent paint wear under the cover. I've checked the GB website and it's the right part number, so I'm curious if I should just install them as they are and flex the cover out, or should I skim the ridges back (they don't look like mould joins, but rather something that is supposed to be there).

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