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California Superbike School Level 2

Discussion in 'Racing, Motorsports, and Track Days' at netrider.net.au started by mmamster, Jan 9, 2010.

  1. I recently had a crash at Sandown which has affected my confidence and form at the track. I am seriously thinking about doing a refresher track course, like CSS level 2 (having done level 1 before). Does anyone have any comments on the value of the level 2 course. I found the level 1 to be fairly good. Has anyone done the alternatives at Broadford?


  2. how about a stay upright course, the advanced one?

    i'm about to sign up for level 2 CSS as well, so would also like to know what people think of it.
  3. Level 2 is very different to Level 1, the 2nd CSS course focuses on all things vision related.....where to look into a corner, widening your line of vision etc.....so all the exercises are vision related rather than focusing on corner speed, quick turn etc like level 1.

    Having said that, I got a lot out of the level 2 course, I wasnt a fast or experienced rider when I did the course (about 3 years ago) but what was taught helped enourmously to build on & build up my overall riding skill sets.

    Re the call between PI or Broadford, it kinda depends on what you want to focus on & what makes you happier to ride. PI is fast & flowing, Broadford tighter & more technical. I've had friends who have done both courses CSS & Stay Upright & all have reported positive things.

    I think the more courses you can do to improve skills, particularly ones that may help you regain your gain confidence in your riding or help you explore what your bike is capable of is a good thing.
  4. Sorry if this is a minor thread hijack - just a question about CSS Level 1.

    I'm doing L1 in Feb at EC. You've mentioned corner speed and quick turns which is what I'm looking for as well as throttle control.

    My goal is to become better at corner control - entry speed in particular. Is that covered more in level 1 or 2?

    After doing L1 I want to try a track day to gain more confidence and build on what I've learned but curious about how others faired with L1 and the results.

  5. The basics of improving your cornering skills are started at Level 1, these skills are then then built on through levels 2 & 3 (2 is visual skills & 3 is position on the bike)...... some people like to progress through all levels, others seem happy just to do the Level 1 course. From observation, you can be a pretty gun rider & still get some good tips out of the Level 1 course.

    Track days are a great way of consolidating the skills you have learnt & exploring the limits of your bike. I personaly also find them a great way to relieve stress & blow some steam off.......but thats just me :p
  6. Listen to Mrs Scumbag because she is wise...

    That is all.
  7. Mrs Scumbag!! Nice to see you on NR :)

    By the way, +1 everything she said.
  8. Its been a while hasnt it Rob.....:p

    Incidentaly off to do L4 CSS on 2nd March - goal is to work on developing a better corner entry speed (or as I like to term it - develop Ovaries of Steel :twisted: ) & work on my quick turn.

    will let you all know how I go.
  9. I feel I am qualified to say; from my regular riding position, of trying to stick to your ass, there are no problems with your ovaries :twisted: