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California Superbike School Level 2 - Eastern Creek - Thursday 22nd

Discussion in 'Racing, Motorsports, and Track Days' at netrider.net.au started by Simon Lockington, Apr 26, 2010.

  1. Gidday guys,
    Thought I might give some feedback on the CSS I went to on Thursday. I did level 2 this time after doing level one back in February.

    I've been really impressed with the professional way the CSS run their sessions. It's all very highly organised and structured and after each of the five sessions during the day you come back feeling like you achieved something.

    For instance turn 9 at Easter Creek (tight 180 degree down hill turn) has been my nemesis. I always felt like I was approaching the turn too hot, then when I got to my turn point felt like I was going too slow, had my lines all screwed up and generally didn't hvae a lot of confidence in that corner.

    Adam (my instructor for both Level 1 and 2) followed me and noticed I wasn't looking 'across' the corner and instead was concentrating too much on the turn point which gave me a false perception of speed. As soon as I started looking across the corner I was able to comfortably enter the corner much faster and had much better lines.

    One area that I need to improve is in the survival reactions (ie immediately closing the throttle), in one of the corners I touched the pegs on the seal and the noise startled me, I immediately chopped the throttle and the bike started bucking, as soon as I got back on the throttle it all smoothed out. Learned a good lesson there.

    Anyway, just wanted to say, if you're sitting on the fence about sessions like this just go ahead and do it. Yeah it's a little expensive, but you can see where your money goes and I very much see it as an investment.

  2. nice write up, thanks for posting it
  3. I haven't heard of anybody going and coming back saying it was a fruitless excercise. Must get some cash together...
  4. I actually did Level 1 on Thursday and had Adam as my coach as well.

    What an awesome day! Seriously if you want to experience a little of what you can do the CSS is well worth it!

    Very professionally run and the coaching staff are really great. Fantastic day!
  5. I've said this a few times, but I'll say it again! Whether you can afford doing a CSS or not, get your arse out to the track throw it in white group and watch how much you learn by end of the day. You'll get the speed monkey of your shoulder and make you a much more patient rider on the road for starters!

    I had not ridden in 10 years up until Oct of last year and did my first track day a few weeks after running the bike in. Now I circulate at a decent speed and continue to improve slowly each time I go.

    Bite the bullet and do the same, you won't look back.
  6. Ha, you're not alone in that! First time a touched a peg through T2 it startled me so much I stood the bike up and almost ran right off the track! Same the first time I got a knee down.

    I've never done the CSS, I'll have to find time.
  7. Get rearsets lads, will sort that prob straight away.

    Also I wanted to back up my earlier post with illustrations! They say the Proof is in the pudding, so here are some pics from sat! I have to say the best ever that the photographer has taken of me.

    Turn 8 Eastern Creek
  8. Nice work Respi !! You'll need elbow sliders soon....

    I take it that wasn't JPM Photocrapic taking those shots?
  9. Agreed, very nice work!

    The only thing that's missing is numbers. :)
  10. yeah JPM!
  11. I finally did the CSS as well. Was there for the Level 1 and Level 2 days, Thursday 22nd and Friday 23rd April. Was an excellent experience. Everyone had fun and everyone seemed to take away a huge amount of learning.

    I don't think $469 is expensive at all. Think about it. CSS have to:

    1. Pay for the track and facilities for the day (I have heard an EC trackday is $200+ for regular punters).
    2. Pay for getting their equipment to the track each time (I think they bring it up from PI... at least one of the female staff said she didn't know Sydney much).
    3. Pay all the linesmen.
    4. Pay staff to organise everything and run the show.
    5. Pay the instructors.
    6. Pay for the instructors' bikes to be on the track, and the consumption of tyres and fuel, etc.
    7. Pay for lunch.
    8. Pay for Steve Broggie for a good old yarn.

    I'm sure there are a few more things we don't know about that must be paid for. Damn good value to me.

    I'm going up to Wakefield on Friday, May 7th (if I can afford it, which I think I can) and will be looking to go back to EC in spring this year to do Level 3. Hopefully I can get in a few trackdays before then to practice the drills and have some great fun.

    Apart from plenty of on-track seat time, I think I'll need to be looking at a new set of wheels (and slicks to go with), and maybe some tyre warmers. I suppose I should buy a ute or van as well, to carry it all in.

    Anyway, CSS is well worth the money. Do it.

    Oh, yeah, the weather was absolutely perfect. Couldn't have been any better. Very lucky indeed.