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California Superbike School level 1

Discussion in 'New Riders and Riding Tips' started by Senator17, Jan 12, 2015.

  1. For those of you that don't live in Sydney, Sunday 11th Jan 2015 was a very wet and miserable day. And for those of you that do, you know how wet it was. As I have said many times before, I hate riding in the rain. Anyway I had booked myself in for California Superbike School Level 1 and there was no choice but to attend class. The weather was wet and miserable all day from the moment I woke up and loaded the bike in the morning, till I loaded the bike at the end of the day, then the rain stopped. I felt like a drowned rat at the end, my soaked leathers weight a ton. I've always wondered, If cows are waterproof, why aren't my leathers? While I don't think I'll ever say I like riding in the rain, I certainly don't fear it anymore, like I used to.

    I was very impressed with the organization and professionalism of everyone that organized the day and thank them all very much for their assistance and attention. The theory classes were very informative. We had the delightful pleasure of having Dylan Code (Son of CSS founder Keith Code) present the classes. As Kieth is semi retired, who better to present the classes? As I had read the book so often, I felt I knew the answer to every question Dylan asked, and I even answered a few. But I didn't interfere with Dylan's presentation as the questions are designed to have an impact on each individual to get them thinking about their own riding. Wazza was our on track coach, and even with restricted time, his ability to pass on the theory from class into practical application was brilliant.

    The classes are very much based on the books available, and now I understand even more why ATOTW2 is referred to as "The Cornering Bible". And even though I have read and studied this book very hard, there is no replacement for practical experience and a skilled coach showing you how to apply the knowledge. I have my work cut out for me practicing everything I have learned. But I am also buzzed at how much improvement I have made already in my riding.

    I can honestly say that the technical aspect of California Superbike School is far more valuable than any safety course run by the authorities. While road craft is vitally important. If you can't handle your bike properly, make quick decisions (and the right ones) and follow that up with quick reactions (also the right ones), then no amount of lane buffering or following distance will keep you safe. At some time, some clown will get into your buffered space and threaten your life. Good technical skills will assist you in saving your skin.

    One of the best things I learned on the day is just how much my bike can move about and how to handle changing traction conditions. With sometimes torrential rain and taking it easy on the front straight, very few riders actually went passed me, which was a big surprise. Along with that, I also learned how to apply the theory in a very practical way with so many of the concepts from the book falling into place. From my observations of the track on the day, I am building my notes with my track plan and reference points for future track days. Also I'm looking forward to putting into practice what I have learned when going out on road rides.

    But this doesn't mean that because you have learned to ride faster, you can go out hooning on the roads. That's what race tracks are for, and a day on the race track will cost less than a hefty speeding fine. I can highly recommend California Superbike School to every rider, regardless of the bike you ride. Knowledge is power. Can't wait to do level 2 & 3, haven't decided about 4 yet as I don't expect to be a racer, but I want to be the best rider that I can be.

    P1010960 CSS oneb.
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  2. Should i bow before i talk to you now or what?
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  3. Senator17Senator17 - so glad you enjoyed the course. I did think of you when the rain poured down just after lunch time on Sunday. Excellent write up as well.
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  4. I don't know what to say to that. I'm just putting it out there that CSS is a brilliant course and I can highly recommend it to anyone. They teach great technique, you get to have a plenty of time on the bike on the track and they look after you very will. The course has helped my riding a lot and increased my enjoyment on the bike immensely.
  5. Thanks Goerge, I finished the day feeling like a drowned rat, but with a huge smile on my face. Looking forward to Levels 2 & 3
  6. Senator17Senator17 yep crap weather but you beat it! Woohoo sounds like a really great day and it is always wonderful to actaully feel like it is all coming together.

    Are you going to mount all your certificates along the side of your bike like a number plate???;)

    Really happy for you and a tad jealous that my riding is so far off being able to do track days:grumpy:

    Bags not following you down to Nowra!:whistle: I'll be well and truly shown a clean pair of heels...
  7. If you're on your P's, you are ready for a track day. I ride in the slowest group as I know I have so much to learn (White Group). There was a young lady in our group at my last track day, she was on a yellow Honda 400 I think, I lapped her twice in one session. But that doesn't matter. It' s not racing. You go at your own pace and develop your skills as you feel appropriate. As for riding on the road, I stick to the speed limits.

    Also looking forward to Nowra.
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  8. Okay...I'm going to book it in Danno!
  9. Check the requirements, I think you need full leathers (1 or 2 piece).
  10. Okay so Jenny Craig or Light n easy, find leathers to shoe lever myself into then track work...:meh:
  11. Best to check, I'm going on the reqs from when I did track days in Pomgolia.
    I've only heard it en passant here.
  12. OldmaidOldmaid i did a day at EC a while back and there was a lady riding a 250 honda spada i was watching in the white group. Was she belting round? No. Did she care? No. Did she think she was flying? Hell yeah, i'm sure she did. Did she look like she was having fun? Shit yeah - and i'm pretty sure she didn't miss a session. Good on her, as the day progressed i was actually pleased to see her out there getting more confident.

    Yes, you'll need full leathers 1 or 2 piece for EC. However Marulan doesn't have that requirement. Maybe iClintiClint might have more input into that?
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  13. LionzLionz - if you ever plan on doing Marulan and you have a spot available on your trailer- please think of me.

    Not so keen on riding back 2hr after a full track day.....
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  14. Will do GeorgeOGeorgeO, but it would make life easier if you were my next door neighbour as opposed to several suburbs over and then some!
    See how it goes mate, it is on the hitlist at some stage.
  15. Hey George, which suburb are you moving to? I'd definitely have room on my trailer. (Well my brother's actually)
  16. Senator17Senator17 - currently in Beaumont Hills moving to Schofields (adjacent to The Ponds area) - but I am more than willing to drive to your place and back to make things easier!
  17. GeorgeOGeorgeO I am happy to hire a trailer if you want to go to Marulan sometime. I have been contemplating it but wouldn't be before April...but something to consider later if you are still interested then.
    Easy enough from where I am currently living to go to you 15-20mins at the most:)
  18. Congrats William, In the last year i have been fortunate enough to train with 5 different training companies on the track. They all were great fun, and CSS is a very professional training group and I too read all the books , audio and watched their videos many times, so i can appreciate it would have been great to participate with Dylan. There should be funding available or at least cheaper rego and insurance premiums to encourage not only training, but ongoing training. Leave the racing for the track. Its a good price for a track day to get it all out of your system. Leathers are always a great idea no matter what course your involved in and i have done the last couple of sessions on a gladius 650. No where near the capabilities of the beautiful zx6 I sold because of my aging bones unable to handle the positions anymore on long rides, but the sluggish suspension and lack of horsepower and brakes meant I really had to step up and practice seriously what they preached during the lessons, and its been great fun!! be good on your bike
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  19. Luke! the force is with you......now go use it wisely!!!
  20. Hi Senator17, I was also at the CSS on Sunday. After my ride there in pouring rain and nearly dark I was very hesitant about riding the track in such weather. What a Fantastic surprise. The instruction from Dylan and checks from the Track Marshalls, as we lined up for our sessions, then the debrief by our Coaches made it a day I will not forget.
    I can't wait for Level 2 and maybe a track day.