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California Superbike School Level 1 on Monday at EC

Discussion in 'Racing, Motorsports, and Track Days' at netrider.net.au started by freakygeek, Jun 9, 2010.

  1. Hi all,

    Decided after I got into motorcycling recently that I would like to try not to accumulate too many bad habits during the steep part of the learning curve of riding. So, I booked in for Level 1 of the California Superbike school with a friend of mine from Tamworth. We stuck his CBR600RR and my CB400 in a van and drove down - the easy option I know - but having all the space for gear and clothes etc was awesome.

    The day is extremely good. It is comprised of 5 classroom sessions and 5 on-track sessions with instructors out there with you, showing you how to apply the techniques learned in the classroom environment.

    I have gained a much greater understanding of my bike and confidence in mine and its ability to do what I want it to. Even being a learner legal machine, the CB400 felt damned good out there on the track.

    For anyone who has thought about attending this course, just do it! The instructors are excellent, they are really helpful and as there is one for every 3 riders it is very personal and they have a lot of time for each student. My instructor, Louie, was really positive and very encouraging and his constructive pointers really helped me throughout the whole day (so if you read this forum, thanks heaps!).

    Can't wait to do Levels 2, 3 & 4 soon!

  2. good stuff, expensive but worth every cent
  3. I've been looking into it and it sounds pretty good. I'm getting my P's on Friday and then going to book in for September at PI (can't do it on your L's in VIC).

    Can't wait!
  4. I was also there mate, I was doing level 2 and am booked in to do level 3 in September
  5. This looks great, however it looks like all of these are run during the week.
    Does anyone know if they offer weekend courses? There are weekend prices, however no dates are up on the calendar. I have emailed through the contact link on the site last week but have had no reply.
    Anyone done a weekend sesh?
  6. I am extremely keen to do this. I couldn't quite understand from briefly looking at the website, can i do the course if im off L's but still restricted by LAMS?

    This is at Phillip Island.
  7. You can. To do the course at PI you must be on your provisional licence, at EC you may be on learners. Racing licences also allow you to participate. All you need is a bike that you are legally able to ride. So you can't hire their Gixers.
  8. Yeah sweet as, cheers.
  9. Sweeties CSS is all about acquiring a series of delicious skill set's as well understanding the reasoning behind the rhyme.
    This little biscuit has wondered about the value of all four levels if your sole domain is road riding. That said if you have the desire to circulate a track, these levels are confidence inspiring.

    Sugarplums at his best, my favourite couch jumper can be mavellously entertaining.
  10. What has it ended up costing you in total for the day? I think it's about $400 for the course itself but aside from that, what else?

    Tyres, fuel, new set of brakes :p, anything?

    Looking at doing it early next year but I've got a few other commitments at the moment and would be interested to hear what it has cost people all up.

  11. Depends on how fast you are. Are you on slicks or roadies?

    If you're on say a 600 and it's your first track day experience then 1/2 to full tank of fuel and about 10% of wear on your rear that won't matter too much since road rears wear in the middle anyhow. Negligible wear on the front.

    If you're fast then all of a rear and half of a front tyre and over 25lt of fuel.

    And lots and lots if you drop it, so avoid doing that.
  12. Darlings, I could be delightfully inaccurate, but I thought it was now around the $500 dollar mark. A racer chum of mine did Level 1 recently, he only used 3rd and 4th gear.
    The aim is to observe and follow the individual drills, not to out pace the instructors, which he could have done with relative ease.
    He was on slicks, although you would hardly keep the requisite temperature in them, having cast my gaze over his tyres post the event, there was very little wear and tear.
  13. Still, any idea about weekend sessions for CSS? They must come up at some point for them to have weekend prices?
  14. Too much money in track days.

    And RN, you are right, I'm thinking about track days.
  15. C'mon Dean. Spend the kids inheritance.
  16. Still got the cb400 and have you done any of the other levels since? I've been told even cruisers and other sorts of bike do the school so I guess the cb400 will do just fine. I'd like to go after I get a pair of leather pants. If they let me in with kevlar jeans I'd probably go sooner.
  17. Mate, it's not just the kids inheritance, I'm busy spending my own inheritance, my sister's and brother's and now my wife's. Expensive hobby.
  18. So is lawn Bowls.
  19. Rog, looking at the guys I race with, it seems more like a lawn bowls club than a racing club :)