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California Superbike School (aka Aus superbike) CORNERING

Discussion in 'New Riders and Riding Tips' started by yelloweagle, Feb 4, 2006.

  1. I need to seriously sort out my cornering problem, fallen off once on my 250 and now just have a fear cause I know the feeling now of falling off.
    Anyway the first class I can see is 7th march, think $100 more in the weekend but if anyone is interested in riding down with me let me know.
    Havn't booked accomodation or anything yet and have no trailer so I am riding down the night/day before :),unless of course someone offers lol, I am flexible at this stage to whatever date, just got to sort out this problem preferably while the weather is still good :).

  2. How much does it cost to do this Yelloweagle?

    I was only talking about this today and would love to do a track day/cornering course but personally l would rather take my bike in a trailer as its suppose to be very exhausting at the end of it, and dont fancy riding it home.

    If anyone is going down soon witha trailor and can fit another bike in then lm keen to do it also
  3. Here's the link for the prices

    I've done a course with them and ridden to and from the island. Was nice to watch the sunrise and sunset on the bike :)
  4. Thanks firefling for that, what level are you now?, and did you find it hard? I sent an email to them and the guy who re-plyed said that it is one coach to 3 students so that made me feel confident enough to want to do this.
  5. Only did Level 1 and yes the instructors were very good at correcting riding abilities and giving tips.

    Not hard as such, you just gotta an open mind to listen and learn :grin:
  6. I re-did the Level 1 course 2 weeks ago, and am going to do the Level 2 course on the 7th March.

    It is not hard at all. They give you some back-ground theory, very light and entertaining, and then you head out to the track for 25 minutes (believe me - unless you're very fit - by the end of 25 minutes you'll be wanting a break).

    On track you have just a single task to focus on for each track session, and the on-track instructors will ride around, follow you to see what you're doing, then get in front and show you what to do if you're doing something, and then get behind and check again.

    Very easy going atmosphere. There's no pressure to race or go really fast, and in fact they prefer it if you're not going more than about 5 to 7 tenths because it then allows you to focus more on the exercises that you're meant to be doing, rather than scaring yourself 'cos you're going too fast and not concentrating on the important aspects you're meant to be learning.

    I did it 8 years back and was disappointed. This time around I was really impressed. They've really lifted their game and now are a very professional group doing a good job.

    Just go there, go at your own pace that you're comfortable with, and do the practical exercises and have a listen to what they have to say in the theoretical classes.

    Once that's all done, be sure to book yourself into the next possible track day and get out there and have a play on your own terms.

    You'll love it!
  7. Forgot to ask them asked them most things lol, is your bike still insured? Like on some track days I know it isn't.
  8. Ring your insurer and ask.

    Some insurers will cover you. Some won't.

    Sometimes you might even come off on the way there, or the way back. :oops:
  9. I am keen on the 8th to do level 1 with you, can swing past my place on the way and ride down together at a nice leisurely pace (speed limit only).

    I have hoilidays booked starting that day for a trip to Las Vegas (and a bucks week) that i am no longer going on (i bought a bike instead), but i still have the hols booked and i would love the pro instruction too. Not sure how keen i am without insurance though...will check into that during the week.
  10. Does anybody know if it is raining on the day or going to rain can you change days
  11. As the school says, "If it rains, we get wet"

    There's no ability to change dates to get refunds within a week of the date of the school or track day.

    I think that they do the 1 week thing, because this is the longest weather forecast time.
  12. How did you go with your insurance?, I will give mine a call today and go from there.
  13. I'm very interested in this. Would it make much difference that I'm moving to a different bike (sporty, daytona 675). I.e would it be better to do the course on the new bike I plan to keep for a bit instead of a bike that I won't be riding much/at all for a short time after the course?
  14. IMO, the skills learned are pretty much universal, regardless of the bike you're riding.

    They apply equally to Harley's as to hard-caw sports-bike.

    The exact way to deploy the skills on any particular machine may change slightly depending on the machine, but overall it really is a core set of skills for all bikes.

    In fact, doing it earlier on, with a lower capacity bike, may actually be more beneficial, because you're developing skills without running around at speeds that make it hard to focus on what you're meant to be learning.
  15. Anyone else booked for the 7th March? I'm doing level 1 - can't wait.
    Think I'll ride down late afternoon on the 6th and spend the night in a cheap motel. Its only about an hour and a half away but I want to be in tip top condition to get the most out of the instruction.
    Cheers. :)
  16. I to am looking at this - just hadn't decided which day - Mar 7th or 8th is all. Would be good to have company on way down & back :grin:
  17. I'm up for it
  18. Let me know if you decide on the 7th. I'll be riding down the arvo before. Could possibly meet somewhere in Tooradin around 5pm?
  19. I'm giving consideration to Monday the 24th April. I may be able to manage that. There's a degree to which that may be a pseudo long weekend. :cool:
    I need to do level 4.
  20. My intention is to do level 1 b4 I upgrade and to do higher levels on a bigger bike.

    I will be looking into this when I am back in the country (Winter :()