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Calif SuperBike School EC Oct 1 (Labour Day)

Discussion in 'Racing, Motorsports, and Track Days' at netrider.net.au started by monyx, Aug 13, 2007.

  1. I'm riding up from Canberra on Sun, stay o/night somwhere near EC (any recomm?)
    Been riding for a while but heard many good things about these courses and recent comments here make me feel money well spent.
    Maybe joined by at least one other from Canb for the day, interested to hear from anyone else going on Oct 1.

  2. Im not going, but would be interested to know of your experience on the day. Im just looking into it now. This course looks like its one of the better ones. You doing the first level?
    How long have you been riding?
    What bike you on?
  3. Licence held since '89, me and mate on Hayabusas, although I'd like to skip a level or 2 we're doing the L1 course as required as not participated in CSS before.
  4. Why do you think you would want to skip level1?
  5. Well, yes I spose presumptuous to an extent - there's prob stuff I need to 'unlearn' too...
    Just fearing for my $450-odd that it will confirm what I already have gleaned from years practice and some other advanced courses.

    I'm really wanting to address 1 question: when the go fast brigade zoom thru corners beyond me is it because :

    1. they have bigger balls than me
    2. they did a course like this

    or both LOL...
  6. Level 1 covers the most common cornering problems riders have, experiencef or not.. you'll defo learn from this heaps!

    About your other question, it depends I think on how you ride now. If you are taking it very slowly through the fast corners then yes you might need more balls. But if you already go as fast as you think is possible then it'd be skills. With new skills you'll see you can take corners so much faster than you did before (and, more importantly, coming out of them with better drive) just by using diffrent techniques.

    Anyway, have fun doing level one and take it from there :grin:
  7. Bit of research for accomm for future ref, the closest and recommended accom are:

    Blacktown Travel Lodge 1300 886 886 or
    Holiday Inn Rooty Hill 02 9832 3888

    both are located less than 10mins from the track.

    Practicing my 'bum offa the Busa' in prep for this I'm seeing the light...so much better and getting around sweepers faster and more comfortably. Although I already knew this, I sort of drone into a 'stay seated' attitude unless I'm really trying to impress a group of commuters (esp. young, attractive women) who are of course intently focussed on the cool dude on his bling busa :wink: