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Calibre Extra Vision Blue Globe @ Supercheap

Discussion in 'Modifications and Projects' at netrider.net.au started by Captain Seven, Dec 4, 2009.

  1. Anyone had any experience with the Calibre Extra Vision Blue halogen globes, sold at Super Cheap Auto?

    Just enquiring generally, and kinda curious as to how BLUE they appear. I was looking into the PHILIPS Bluevison, but didn't want to spend that much.


  2. In my experience.. blue lights provide less vision on the road

    The reflectors and street signs etc light up more, but the road surface itself, trees, random sticks in the way etc seem to be darker.

    If you do get them, let us know how well they work.

  3. Buy the white high output ones, they are brilliant (pun intended)

    I've got one if you need H4, as they come in pairs.
  4. Heard good things about the Phillips Vision+ ones, not too blue but nice and bright. Only hearsay though.
  5. I think i have these. They may be the the +50% xneon blue ones though. They have a few types. Mine are the ones that look clear, H7's for $40.
    They are whiter than my stock bulbs but i wouldn't say they are blue. A slight improvement in general vision but this may be due to the age of the old ones. I'll check the packaging tonight to confirm.
  6. After my 4th Phillips Vision+ globe blew in the matter of 2 months, I went back to the cheapies, and haven't had a problem in 6 months since.

    IMO, the Phillips Vision+ globes are short-lived overly expensive fragile rip-offs.
  7. Same experiance Phillips spells shit,went to cheap repco or bursons globes $8-9 and no problems.dont waste your money
  8. There you go then...
  9. I've purchased "cheap" blue globes from Supercheap in the past and they last about 12 months but the good Phillips units last a lot longer.
  10. HID ftw :grin:
  11. Not legal for use in Australia unless bike fitted with self levelling headlights and so on......

    Do a search on HID as there has been many threads on that subject.....
  12. Oh yeah that's right. That's why I don't have a fender eliminator or aftermarket exhaust and why I don't filter at the lights.

    I shall search immediately then rip out my HIDs, thanks!