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calf lgenth boots - what features do they need?

Discussion in 'Riding Gear and Bike Accessories/Parts' at netrider.net.au started by chokpa, Jul 14, 2010.

  1. calf length boots - what features do they need?

    Hey NRs,

    So I hear calf length boots are the go. Seems like you can have them for under $200.

    I'm looking at getting some gloves online so i'm checking out boots as well.

    I'm a little confused as to what features are needed for commuting and maybe going for a whiz on weekends.

    Do i just need well stitched leather? How about PU reinforcements in the heel/toe? CE certified?

    As a vanity issue, will calf length boots fit under jeans? In the pics they usually seem to be tucked in. e.g. these http://stores.sportbiketrackgear.com/Detail.bok?no=4164

    Cheers :nopity:

  2. Ive gotta get me some new boots soon too, but I dont think will buy online unless I have tried the same ones on in a store at least, I'd be worried about the fit.

    For commuting you'd want waterproof and comfort high on the list right?

    Why dont you drop into your nearest mcas/bgw/scm or whathaveyou accessories store and try a few on with your jeans? All will probably have hard shin and ankle protection. I hadnt heard of CE cert for boots before, I'm sure its a good thing but I personally wouldnt let it affect my decision much.
  3. Those boots are great, but more racing style. DO NOT BUY ONLINE UNLESS YOU HAVE TRIED THEM ON IN STORE FIRST.

    I also don't like buying online unless it's an Australian business - I want to keep my money here. For all my motorbike gear, it's all been purchased in stores - sure, it's been slightly more expensive, but I'm okay with that. I pay for the service and someone being able to help out. If I don't like their service, I don't buy from them and I go elsewhere.
  4. race boots like those are difficult to walk in. they are designed to protect your ankles if you come off and there's not a lot of flexibility. depending on your riding you might want to look at something more touring oriented. you really need to try some on to find a style that suits you.
    I wear this sort of thing
    for ordinary riding
  5. Under jeanns, over leathers :)
  6. the TCX are rated for 12 seconds abrasion resistance... won't be much left of you from the knees up but your calves/feet will be pristine.
    i'd say if you can get boots like that for for the same sort of money as boots that don't offer as much protection, then go for it.
    but yeah you definately want to try them on... they are available here for roughly the same price once you factor in dollar conversion, shipping... they're a superseeded model of that boot, TCX have a new boot out, so the competizione S are cheap everywhere... there is a fully waterproof version of the boot, but harder to find.
    the only concern i'd have with that boot is they'd be ****ing hot in summer, they have no air vents and don't breath... but then, boots that do are'nt cheap.
    they are a very tough boot, but techically not really a full racing boot, as they are not angled as such... they a compromise between a street riding boot and a race boot that's perfectly adequate for both.. so you can walk in them fine, just you would'nt want to wear them walking around all day.
    i got a pair at AMX a while ago now, but i think i paid 240... was a lucky find though, they only had a few pairs left when i got there, but had my size so i was wrapped.
    and the steel heel/toe slider upgrade is way cool.
    i'm very happy with them, still they're not a patch on high end sidi's or A*'s
    they fit under straight cut jeans or cargoes no problems.
  7. Left boot first though
  8. Hmm, but guys like twistngo are wearing boots which seem (to me) like it has very little protective qualities apart from being leather and laceless.

    If those boots are adequate then I'm not sure I need boots like the TCX with its faux-race protection.

    So is something like twistngo's enough for commuting and the occasional weekend ride? Wouldn't ever do trackdays etc, and if i did i'd buy gear for it anyway.

    I also like the http://ridersdiscount.com/street-gear/boots-men/51123.php but a friend already has them. Don't want matching shoes with him... Might try and find something similiar to those instead of the full calf.
  9. Have a look at the Good Gear Guide. It was funded by the Australian Transport Safety Bureau and written by Liz de Rome - under the auspices of the AMC and the NSWMCC.

    It talks about things like stitching, design etc. and is a good source of advice on the type of things to look for.
  10. Those boots you link to there look a bit on the short side for my liking - I prefer a longer boot myself with some shin protection, but thats my tastes.

    Personally I think twistngo's boots would be ideal. I think you would find they would be very sturdy and have hard protection around heel, ankle caps and probably shin, waterproof and more comfy.
  11. Yeah pictures arent enough. any place with a decent selection? I went to MCAS auburn and they didnt have a wide range of boots by any means.

    I'm getting the feeling that the boot just has to be rigid and made of something tough. Not necessarily PU reinforced with toe sliders. Cool, that clears things up.

    My ankle is stuffed at the moment so maybe not for a week or so.

    In sydney, willing to drive to wherever though.
  12. I actually have 3 pairs of boots, the little Sidi ones, some fuller length touring boots and proper race boots. (When you've been riding for a while you pick up a bit of stuff!) Impact protection seems similar but the touring boots lack the torsion protection. Mainly wear the Sidi ones as they are so comfortable but it depends on what sort of riding I'm doing.
    Main thing is to be confident in your gear.
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  14. nah, theres heaps built into those boots for protection... but the whole point of those boots is that that the protection stuff is sublime, so you can have a boot that's suitable for riding in, but can also be worn around like any normal boot when of the bike... notice how they actually get a decent thick sole for walking.. sidi make boots like that to meet the demand for people who can't be ****ed changing boots when they get to work... pants over the top, they can be passed of as just regular footwear.

    Read what Tony linked 'the good gear guide'... it's excellent, take the time to read the whole thing... this is the spokes thing, read that too (clicky on protective clothing specifically)>http://www.spokes.com.au/#/home
    i wish i had that stuff to read when i first started riding and buying riding apparel... i would have saved a lot of money by making a smart purchase the first time... and i would have saved a degree of injuries sustained and incapacity since i've been riding too.

    OK, that's your homework!... you read all of that stuff and you"ll learn in 10 minutes what it took some of us 10 years to learn, the hard way.
    finish that!.. and then you can go and watch home and away or whatever.
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  16. hmm, interesting. Maybe for when I get more serious. Still waiting to do my Ls but I already have my bike.
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