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calderpark 25th nov track day

Discussion in 'Racing, Motorsports, and Track Days' at netrider.net.au started by natta, Nov 12, 2006.

  1. Hi,
    Is anyone going to the trackday at calder on the 25th this month?
    i got a friend that is a qualified motorcycle instructor and ex racer going, that can give any track day newbies good advice. Anyone interested?

  2. I'm interested, as well as for the track day newbie advice.

    Any idea how much? And is the Calder track suitable for bikes? Last I heard it was too hacked up to go flat out on.
  3. I'll be there.
  4. I'll be there :biker:
  5. hi loz. Well u can pay for advice from the guys from champion ride days, or u can have a good chat to my mate, he is a qualified instructor and used to race in australian league. We can be track day newbies!! :grin: :grin:
  6. Hey natta yeh I wanna go but not quite sure what I need. I know I need the following:

    - Race suit, 2 piece or 1 piece
    - Boots
    - Gloves

    My tyres have about 85% tread left. Is there anything else I should know to bring? Sorry if I hijacked the thread a little.

  7. i think i might come along for this. it'll b nice 2 try a new track
  8. Be warned guys, Calder can be pretty slippery, especially when cold or wet, I've been 'down' a number of times there so I know.

    Make sure you have good, soft compound tyres (and give a couple of laps to warm them), look out for the diminished traction coming on to the straight from the drag strip and drag your rear brake going over the hump to help keep the front wheel down.

    Enjoy :grin:
  9. Yeah u need leathers, good gloves and boots. I think ur tyres are pretty stick , so u should be fine. Do u have ur P plates yet?cause u need them
  10. Oooooh, Yes! It's been a good few years since I put four wheels on Calder, but I can vividly remember how it could get like an ice skating rink at certain times. Not all the time, though, just occasionally, and it did seem to have a lot to do with temperature.
    There used to be a theory that being so close to the airport flight path if tended to get a regular dose of unburnt jet fuel (rather like kerosene), but I don't know if that was true.
    Hope they've fixed the diagonal "step" in the tarmac at the kink in the back straight...
  11. can anyone go watch ?
    can someone post up start times etc ?
  12. Yep i will be there as well. Would be interested in talking to your mate as well. I am all ears for any pointers that people want to throw my way.

    At Phillip island, as it was my first time there, Steve i think his name was from the Cali Bike School gave us some pointers about riding. Came in handy and helped a lot.

    Yeah anyone can come and watch. a few mates will be coming with me. usually free entry if the Phillip Island ones are anything to go by.

    The riders briefing is at 9, so i would say the first session would be around 9:30 or so.

    I will have a mate there with my DSLR so will try and get some snaps of all the netriders and such.
  13. a second for 'can anyone go to watch'?
  14. Yes.

    However pointing and/or laughing may result in fist shaking and/or kicking of bum.
  15. dam it - the spectator secret is out :LOL:

    will just have make sure that the armour is under the civi's :wink:
  16. on the sunday you say.... may have to nip down the Calder for a looky looky.
  17. How much? How do you book?
    Got a URL for info?
  18. errr Drew my calender shows 25th Nov to be a Saturday
  19. ok Saturday then....... :p they both go to quickly for my liking
  20. Cost is $145
    u book online
    website is www.championsridedays.com.au

    it would be good to see some netriders there.

    i think its free to watch. also would be good to have some netrider company.