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Calder Park Champions Ride days

Discussion in 'Racing, Motorsports, and Track Days' at netrider.net.au started by zeeowh, Aug 25, 2007.

  1. Has anyone done a ride day at Calder since Champions have been doing days back there again? I am keen to get out for a ride as due to an os holiday/ study tour and lots of study and rain i have done very little riding lately. I will probably head to the day at Broadford next month but would like to know what the surface and the track itself is like at Calder if anyone has any experience? Is it worth doing? I doubt that it is worth more money than Broadford and can't believe they are charging more (bloody Bob Jane as if he needs the money! :evil: ).

    Any comments?

  2. Did my first track day there. I had a ball.
    Lots of people warned of the slippery surface because of the drag strip. I didnt even notice it, prob because my bike doesnt have a huge amount power.
    Run offs are pretty good. Alot of people over shot the straight, but its got a good emergency run.
    The bumps make it interesting.
  3. The drag strip is only slippery if wet although the transistion from the normal to treated surface mid corner can be interesting if going hard at it.

    Keep to the left side of the front straight as there's a nasty bump (drop) just past the old short track turn.

    Yes there is a mega run off at the end of the main straight in fact I can remember chasing Tom Hoover in a Top Fuel Dragster about 400m down it many many years ago when the brakes and parachute didn't work. The standard radio call during race meetings if someone goes down there is "He's heading for Watergardens" as you could almost make it to the shopping centre if you go far enough.
  4. I was there with Natta on my first trackday as well.

    More rights than lefts so maybe a good way to even out your tyre wear after phillip island. The crest over the hill onto the back straight is good for big fun wheelies in second gear or a decent jump if you're one of the fast guys.

    As for the dragstrip goo coming onto the straight, the only difference it made to me on my 900 was that I could get fully on the gas earlier in the knowledge that the tyre would grip its arse off with no worries.