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Calder FWY- Lane Splitting blitz

Discussion in 'General Motorcycling Discussion' started by outactrl, May 12, 2008.

  1. hi all,
    Just a quick message to all those that may not know, the Police are currently running a Blitz on motorcycles lane splitting on the calder at the moment, (between taylors lakes and Ring Road , inbounnd traffic)
    I've seen our lads pulled over by cops on BMW's bikes, both undercover and marked.
    a black 4 x 4
    a yellow trail bike
    and silver Magna!
    they are in everything, a mate of mine who is a federal Cop got pulled over aswell, and even he didnet get out of a ticket, he told me that they are currently targeting that section.
    ive seen them partolling then above mentioned section for the past month, and thought it was a little higer prensence than normal, and my mate, the cop, just confirmed it 10 minutes ago.

    take care, tickets suck.

  2. god damn i boot though there for work every sunday night and when i'm heading in/out to the macedon ranges...

    I'm tipping they are focusing on peak hour inbound traffic at the bottle neck?

    Cheers for the info...
  3. Exactly what offence are they getting booked for? And when they do "lane split", how are they doing it so that they get pinged? ie. is it slow speed filtering through traffic, high speed stuff (100 kays) and zipping up between the lines of traffic. And in either case where are they in relation to the white lines and the cars that they're passing?

    As I'm a rural dweller the art of lane splitting for me as a largely unfamiliar one, given our low densities of traffic and that when I commute there is no traffic about, anyway. So, when on the rare occasion I ride on freeways I rarely practice this maneuvre.
  4. These kinds of operations really shit me. The whole idea of a bike is to avoid congestion and free up space for other traffic, otherwise whats the fu**ing point! :roll:

    These idiots have nothing else to do with their time?
  5. yeah as far as i can tell they are targeting in peak times, so mon-fri 0630-0830hrs, so the traffic is sitting on around 15-55kms.
    Even though i have seen them, ive been splitting and havent been done yet, just a matter time i guess. but they have been pulling people over in the emergency lane and that black 4 x 4 i mentioned pulled over a naked bike in the center island. but as i said the majority of them have been undercovers, so jst keep an eye out, remember to look for the dual mobile phone antenas on the back window for cars, and for the bikes, nearly all there helmets are white or silver and have a strip of police blue and white strip, that is of couse if your going slow enought to see it!!!

    ride safe.
  6. some fella told me that in California its illegal for a motorcycle not to lane split if there is congestion

    apparently you can get fined for it...

    does anyone actually know more about this law?
  7. Yes lanesplitting is legal in California.

    No it is not illegal not to.
  8. It would be interesting to see if they are booking people for riding in the emergency lane only or if they are also booking people for riding between 2 lanes of traffic.
  9. Frustrated myopic cagers ring through complaints about being passed by motorcycles... so Police blitz forces MC's to sit in the traffic queue, which then adds further to the congestion and cager frustration. :roll:

    I shake my head at this brain dead society. :roll:
  10. What is our lobby group doing about these fcuked up blitzes???

    PP is dead right, brainless fcuken twits with nothing better to do.

    Go book a driver who is reading the paper/talking on a mobile/eating breakfast/shaving/applying makeup etc etc instead!!!

    Yeah, stupid cagers complain so they now have to sit further back in traffic.

    Might be an ideal time for an "education" ride.

    Lets get 100 bikes and ride the fwy in peak hour NOT splitting.'
    Get the media to report it and make joe stupid aware.

    What say you?
  11. I'm in! :evil:
  12. Needs to be packaged right, Vic.

    If you go out, block lanes, just to claim immunity from existing laws (sharing a lane, insufficient space, not signalling etc), then no-one is going to have any sympathy for you.

    If you argue for your own safety, then you might get some support or at least balanced coverage. I would suggest NOT doing it on a freeway, where it's damn hard to argue that splitting is safe (the perception I mean, if not the reality). Do it in Punt Road, Kings Way or St Kilda Road, where it could reasonably be argued that there is a benefit.

    The powers might not agree, but at least you can start the discussion. IMO the objective should be to get a definition for legal filtering written into the books. It's always going to be limited, but it's got to be better than where we're headed now.

    Whatever, if it's on, I'll come.
  13. well if you want to make a point then you just got to do what the taxi drivers do... take your top off!

    bloody coppers. BTW you get done for over taking on the left, or not indicating. They'll give you a ticket for something.
  14. I got pulled over on saturday , followed me for around 15mins? i think, in that time he caught me lane splitting doing 72 in a 60 zone. He mentioned he was a rider himself and a crazy rider himself though said splitting is illegal. Then he told me about his bike and how he liked my muffler and off he went without a ticket. Quite lucky
  15. Haha. That's pretty awesome.
  16. Hi VIC,
    i remember doing a ride out on the monash a few years ago that was organised by netrider, there were hundreds of bikes! we all rode into the city (riding as cars, not splitting) and clogged up traffic delaying cars adding and extra 60 minutes to there drive, I thought it was great, the ride ended at parliament.
    We were all on the news, ,, but nothing happened.

    "imajo" was onto something, lets just all sit at the intersection of flinders and swanston for a day or two. that seems to work.

    But im always up for a ride, anything to show cagers what 100+ riders not lane spiltting looks like is always educational.

    but this time, lets do it on the calder.
    Then a month later we will do it on the monash,
    Then a month later we sit at flinders and swanston again.

    stick it to em.
  17. Wasn't it on the Eastern and it caused more negative publicity than positive from memory.

    The thing to remember, as confirmed by Hubie before he left the NR fold, Lane Splitting is illegal in Victoria.
  18. Only because some riders are fcukwits and they decided to ride at 60km/h intentionally not allowing traffic to pass them, instead of following instructions.


    Then give us a fcuken lane during peak hour to use like they do bicycles.

    Unfortunately, we as a minority group have no clout due to the apathetic attitudes of riders
  19. yeah, probably,
    I know how to ride to work,
    how to ride to the spur,
    how to ride to my mates houses,

    but i'll be stuffed if i know any of the roads names lol.

  20. I most certainly would be up for this!