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Calder bike drags with LLSTUNT and Motoheaven

Discussion in 'VIC' started by Lukey Luke, Sep 30, 2010.

  1. Hey guys, its been ages since ive been on here but have been meaning to log on for a while now and say hi...

    So I thought you guys might be interested in coming down to Calder Park next month for a drag day, I have a very good relationship with Calder park as i use it for my stunt training and have tee'd up quite a good deal to get some bikes down the strip! Coming into summer Adrian at Motoheaven and myself thought this would be something different and fun for the riders of melbourne instead of the usual thurs and fri night rides... We got together and came up with this...


    Street Bike Drags @ Calder!

    Gates Open to Entrants: 9:30am / Spectators From 10:00am / Scrutineering From 9:30am / Racing From 10:00am - 4:30pm / Gates Close: 9:00pm

    Cost: $50.00 per Rider...Runs all day (Plus 1 guest)

    Fastest up to 250cc / 600cc / 1000cc / Best Presented / 'Toss the Boss'

    Don't miss the Lukey Luke Stunt Show!

    Loads of Prizes & Giveaways!

    EMAIL showroom@motoheaven.com.au TO LOCK IN YOUR SPOT TODAY!

    *must have leathers, no kevlar pants allowed
    *Bikes do not have to be registered.
    *racing slicks allowed
    *Remember that you will be doing burnouts to warm the tyres so put something on with plenty of tread!
    *There is no hard and fast answer to how many runs you will get but we believe you will get 10 comfortably!
    *Tyre warmers allowed!
    *There are 4 garages and a room upstairs supplied to MotoHeaven & LLSTUNT for all entrants to hang out in
    *Price is ONLY eligible to those who sign up with MotoHeaven - name, number and bike model required!!

  2. If I don't crash at the GP I'm there =D
  3. did you get a ride mate?? What you riddin??
  4. I am definitely entering my bike in with or without the discount I just want to get a 9.0 then I will be happy
  5. Yes I'm doing this as well using the VMax 1700 and the thing is this bike is designed to drag race......so on the day well you never know lol

  6. 1700cc damn thing must be powerful
    How much power are you making at the rear wheel?
    How heavy is it?

  7. Hey.......
    This baby produces 200 hp at the rear and its a light weight at 310 kgs but its the talk um torque built for the quarter mile and ready to drag.......all you have to do is hang on.....

    Thats the hard part lol

  8. Have you raced it before? What time did you get?

    200hp is powerful but damn that's weighty I guess if it's set up for drag it should pull a 9 easy sounds like a monster
    I also have 200hp at the wheels but I might get a better tune with a little more for the day on c16 see how I go
    Mine weighs 170kgs dry weight standard add another 5 kgs for the turbo kit but mine is a street bike so no chance of me doing a good time I guess, hoping for a high ten first time out

    Talk about hard try riding mine on full boost without an extended swing arm lol
    What time are you getting there?
  9. A friend of mine drags his VMax in America (Ohio) and gets 8.3 & 8.6 or there abouts and does around 154 mph in standard trim, only has exhaust and a power commander mods, but for me this will be a first but I am getting some practise in on the TNMR lol