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Cairns riders group

Discussion in 'General Motorcycling Discussion' started by steven, Jun 6, 2015.

  1. hopefully we can make this group use full to all local riders and help others who need some info on the cairns area. lets all try and keep this current so we can all make new friends in cairns, organise a few regular rides and make a few new contacts.

  2. Is there a social group that meets in Cairns on a regular basis, i dont want to be a member of an organised bike club, i just want to meet people who like to ride for the sake of riding?
  3. Are you guys still interested? Sold my old GR650 at Xmas and am awaiting new S40 in March and would be interested in local trips. Of course, if you are interested in riding with others there is always the weekenders who ride to Port.
  4. Is there a location in the forum that has local cairns riders?
    I'll prob be going for the coming Anzac long weekend and it's always good to meet loca riders! :D
  5. Guys, hit up Coral Coast Riders on Facebook. They've been around for years, are experienced operators and will be holding an ANZAC day ride. They are a social group, not a club. URL: Coral Coast Riders
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  6. Cool thanks! I guess I'll have to create a facebook profile one of these days.... ;-p hehe