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Cairns rider dead....

Discussion in 'General Motorcycling Discussion' started by woodsy109, Nov 6, 2006.

  1. Anyone know anything about this poor bloke?
    The paper says he was 34yrs old and it happened about 8am yesterday morning. He crashed into an embankment on the road to Port Douglas. Apparently a local to Cairns. I am not home at the moment so can't get a local paper for more details.

    :cry: RIP mate.

  2. OK... This ones scares the crap outta me. I'm not home either.. contacting mates now....
  3. The rider was from Mt Sheridan, father of 2, on a recently purchased Honda 1000. He over cooked it on the Mobray River Bridge coming back from Port with a few mates.
    Sad that its another rider down, glad its not who I thought it was.
    There has been a number of bikes go down in Cairns this past week from what I'm told. A few recent Q Riders... A mate from Qld Transport say they are going to seriously look into the whole Q ride thing now.
    RIP :(
  4. I am trying to get my Qride done ASAP, it will make life easier in about 6 months time when I look at going up to something like the ER6n.

    I think the Qride thing is very flawed though when it comes to new riders, 5 hours of piss poor training and you can then ride anything you want, The guy that died a few weeks ago here in Cairns had never ridden a bike before, 5 hours at Q ride, Buys a new R6 and then rides like a loon, loses it, Dead!

    OK he had some training, but start them off on the 250's or introduce LAMS, but letting these people start off on something like an R6, GSXR, Ninja, Etc Is just downright stupid.

    This guy that died yesterday though sounds like he had nothing to do with Qride, it just sounds like he rode about 10 years ago and just jumped on a bike that was just way to big for him, maybe I read the story wrong in the Cairns post (useless bunch of wankers, they probably got the majority of the facts wrong anyway) But that was my take on the Story.

    My condoleneces to his family.
  5. You're right Mkey, The guy yesterday wasn't Q Ride. But the guy who lost it on the Trinity Beach round about was. Thats a nasty roundabout too, I've seen a few bikes go down on that round about.

    All that dry weather and everybodys out. I guess the Port run is going to be watched carefully now :(

    Mkey, who are you planning on doing Q Ride thru?
  6. I am going to go through Team Moto, I know Troy the sales manager there, And he gave me a bit of a discount on the price.

    But I am open to suggestions though, If you know someone better.
  7. Team Moto are the cheapest and you only have to do a half day. The others are either full day or two half days. The guy who runs it at Team Moto is good but not exactly tough. The girl I went with when I did my test wasn't very good but managed to pass. She was only going for 250 licence though.
  8. Give Greg Dodd a try at Bike Craft on Brown Street. He's pretty good. Very thorough. I did mine though them. I think he does his basic skills stuff at the show grounds.
    Team Moto are pretty good too tho.