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Cagive Mito 125's.... any opinions?

Discussion in 'Bike Reviews, Questions and Suggestions' started by Fluffy Bunny Feet, Oct 31, 2005.

  1. Well over the weekend, the GPX has generated some issues for me. An o-ring blew out on the cooling system and i only noticed when the bike had already gotten a little too hot, so my head gasket is fubar... Anyway, i'm sick of relying on it now as daily transport and thinking of upgrading to get some thing new (and warrantied :p ) while i wait out my restrictions (11.5 months to go)....

    Anyway I noticed to Cagiva Mito was about the 8k mark, now before i go to find who in Adelaide might have 1 for me to test ride, is it going to be a noticable upgrade from the 91 GPX?? Any opinions appreciated...
  2. I wouldn't bother, if you're going for a 2 stroke I'd be thinking RS250, NSR, RGV.

    If you more a 4 stroke type, either a Hornet or a CBR205R(etc).
  3. I'm not sure you'll find a 125 much of an upgrade... Although from what I've heard the chassis is pretty good, and the Mito looks absolutely sensational.

    Still, a four-stroke 2fiddy is going to be a more practical bike and probably have better resale value when you get off your restrictions.
  4. I rode a (road registered) Mito on the track at Wanneroo a few years ago. It belonged to a female friend of mine. I remember it being able to carry totally ridiculous corner speed, much like a 125 GP bike in fact, but with a lot less power. Novacoder is right if power is what you are after, an RS250, KRS, NSR, or RGV will give you that. In terms on handling though, you will have to be a very good rider indeed to get close to the limits on a Mito.
  5. Go on FBF, join the Hornet Swarm.... You know you want to!!! :LOL:
  6. Couldn't resist could ya? ;)

    Ok I've found a Hornet down the road at bill's motorcycles, I'll test ride it this week and see!

    You see my main concern is actually finding a bike to beat Yamahapat's brand new WR250 he got last week!
  7. Easy. Let some air out of his back tyre!! :LOL:

  8. ROFL :twisted:

    Geebers you can't turn your back on a Hornet rider for just 1 second can you ;)

    Actually I might fit in with those types a lot better come to think of it....