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Cagiva woes Sputter Sputter, backfire

Discussion in 'Technical and Troubleshooting Torque' started by Wypuk, Oct 14, 2010.

  1. hey tech people
    So day 2 of my cagiva and a problem has crept up already :s
    so my issues are (i think they are related):

    the fuel light is constantly on, ive read through the raptorchapter forum and ive found a few reason as to why. either water in the petrol tank, the tank isnt breathing (not sure what that means) but apparently something to do with air pressure in the tank not getting released.
    i tried using up all the petrol in the hope that its just from sitting aornd the shop for a while, but no
    suddenly tonight it started sputtering and surging (i crapped myself) like its out of petrol, especially when i open up out of a corner, so filled up again just in case.

    so i experimented by revving the engine while riding and then letting out the clutch - it started sputtering again and then started backfiring on me grrr

    not sure what to do... i read about adding metho to the petrol to absorb the water, but im not sure how much and if it will fix the light issue.
    now this sputtering got me thinking it could be a blocked fuel filter/line/fuel injection. just incase i filled her up with 98 and it seems to have stopped sputtering and dying but that could be due to the increased volume in the tank or the air pressure thing because i opened up the filler.

    im prob gonna take it in on monday to the shop, but does any1 have any ideas as to what i can do in the mean time? injector cleaner, methylated spirits in the tank?

  2. There will be an air vent in or near the fuel cap. clean it out.
  3. FWIW we have had extremely high humidity in Melbourne the last couple of days. It's not at all impossible for some water to condense inside the tank, and settle on the bottom. Couple of tablespoons of metho into a near-full tank is plenty to sort that out.
    If the spluttering occurs after 100+ ks of running, pop the fuel cap. If that cures it instantly, but temporarily, you'll know the tank breather tube is blocked.

    It's a Suzi motor - there will be a solution somewhere.
  4. Just drain the tank, clean/replace the filter and check the breather line. Hopefull your jets aren't clogged.
  5. sounds like it could be running rich? check the spark for fouling etc... should be a nice poo brown.