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Cagiva Raptor 1000

Discussion in 'Bike Reviews, Questions and Suggestions' started by TonySV, Feb 15, 2006.

  1. Peter Stevens have a '04 Raptor 1000 they are trying to clear out at below the cost of SV1000. They are also going to throw in ventura rack and bag..
    Im very tempted..

    I just wondering if anyone here has ridden the Raptor and what its like compared to SV1000? The SV has fully adjustable suspension but the raptor looks nicer and has better brakes (brembo's) and braided lines..etc

    Also, are parts readily available here? (Obviously the engine being suzuki wont be a problem )

    Any reason I shouldnt buy it?

  2. Sounds like a good deal, how much?
    Do they still have the silly looking dinosaur claws on the heal guards etc.?
    I am of the opinion that the engine is a lot more de-tuned than the SV, nothing that money wont fix though.
    This may not be relevent but when they were first released Performance Bikes had a rear shock linkage let go on one.

    Personally I would have one for the right money, IMO more potential as a hoon bike than say a monster, they just need a bit of carp stripped off of them.
  3. hi tony- which peter stevens?
    There is a second hand raptor 1000 at the elizabeth st store that my uncle traded to them a few years back, it's the one with the ganelli carbon pipes on it.
    He took really good care of it so maybe check that one out? I think it's been sitting on the floor coming up to 18 mths now, and he sold it to them for $8000, I think they're asking $10500 from memory? You could talk them down.

    He loved the engine, traded up to a brutale because it was apparently too time consuming to keep looking schmick- some suspect build quality/finish in areas.
  4. Peter Stevens in the City..

    I remember seeing the 2nd hand Raptor right next to the elevator.. I dont recall seeing it today but they may have moved it up the back with the rest of their 2nd bikes.. Seem to recall it had around 35,000kms..

    For $12,000 I can have a brand new one with full warranty..etc

    I have heard about the finish issues but apparently if you WD40 the frame ever 6months the frame..etc remains new.

    Btw, can you recall if your uncle had any issues getting parts?
  5. No, he didn't have problems with parts, but then again he's pretty anal with maintenance so parts were hardly needed.

    Direct quote "that thing is a wheelie monster"

    gees $12000 is a good price new though!
    That's cheaper then the new 650 raptor :shock:

    If you do end up getting the 1000, there are some nice accessories down at road rocket in west melbourne...
  6. Thats good to know parts should be ok..

    I have heard it likes play..

    Exactly.. Thats why it caught my eye.. Why by a 650 when I can get a 1k instead.. Will have to take it very easy to get used to it.. It will be like learning to ride all over again.. But it will be worth it..


    Thanks for the info..