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Cagiva Planet or Raptor 125

Discussion in 'Naked' at netrider.net.au started by CrazyCam, Jan 24, 2014.

  1. Hi folks.

    Thanks to AlGroover, I now have the wee, naked Cagiva.

    It just got back from being derestricted, fresh rubber fitted and new sprockets and chain fitted.

    Love the look of the Arrow spannie! :)

    Anyhow, I am curious to know if any one else is silly enough to ride one of these 125 two-stroke screamers.

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  2. Nice, hows she go ??
  3. Well, each time I ride her, she gets better. :)

    First, the test ride, before buying it, it felt VERY underwhelming, but, hey... it looked pretty and my wife agreed that it was pretty, so that was a done deal.

    Riding it home was a wee bit more nerve wracking as the chain was very loose and fairly rusty looking, but, after a few minutes on the bike, I knew it was good.

    I struggled to tighten up the chain to some degree, having ordered new chain and sprockets, and took it for one ride, prior to work being done on it.

    Leaving the house...still underwhelming. (Remember this was the restricted 13 horsepower version.)

    By the time I got to Pie, it was going quite nicely....maybe blowing out, or sucking in cobwebs?

    Trip home from Pie brought a serious big smile to my face.
    The bike was going better, and I was slipping back into the mode for riding a wee two-stroke.

    One problem I found was getting into neutral. It seems to be next to impossible, and, even if you do get it into neutral, there is no guarantee it will stay in neutral!
    :eek: Bikes that select 1st gear, all on their own, can be quite scary until you expect it.

    As part of the work shop visit, I had the boys change the gearbox oil, thinking it might improve the situation, but it doesn't seem to have helped.

    (Shrug) I can live with it.

    The Arrow exhaust, and the re-jet should have basically brought the performance up to, or very slightly above the standard, unrestricted issue for this model of bike, and the new tyres, obviously, needed to be scrubbed in, so I was rather on the gentle side with yesterday's run.

    Part of the problem being that this model doesn't have a rev. counter, and I don't know the bike well enough yet to have a feel for how hard I am pushing it.

    But it did feel good.

    Won't be doing much testing until after double flybuys go away, but, so far, so good.
  4. I would buy a planet if I could find one. I love two strokes, I've given up the big bikes, and now have an Aprilia 125, and Honda NSR150, both are fast enough and super fun to ride. The Cagiva Planet is a naked version of the racing Cagiva Mito 125, an awesome bike too. When fully de restricted, the Planet should be capable of 160 km top speed easy, the two stroke motor loves to be revved out hard. Make sure to use good quality two stroke oil. Even without a rev counter, don't be afraid to push it. You wil feel when the power band is maxed out. I need to wear ear plugs when I ride my two strokes.
  5. I agree 100% mate.

    These Planet/Raptor 125 s do seem like rocking horse droppings..... that's why after an underwhelming test ride, and I still bought it.

    As for being afraid to push it, yup, I did know that it should be capable of about 160, but I still haven't gotten the hang of the speedo yet.

    (I fit a push bike trip computer to a new bike, and do some testing to establish just how optomistic a speedo is, before I get too cavalier with mailing the throttle.)

    Earplugs are good!

    When I had my RZ250, it could rev to 10 grand, without earplugs, or just over 11, if I had earplugs in. :)
  6. Your Planet looks very tidy. Made me want to have a look around the Internet for one. Only other one I found for sale, on Gumtree, in WA. $2700, but looks a bit rough. Think one day I'll get one to add to my collection, and maybe a 125 Mito as well. Aprilia make a naked version of the RS125, very rare to find also. They are all great little bikes to ride, and cheap to Rego as well, I can rego both my RS 125, and NSR 150, for less than it cost to rego say, one big bike. Last rego, the green slip was $80, rego fee $117. Just under $200 per bike per year. Cheap as chips.
  7. Pleased to hear that my anorak-ery has come in useful.
  8. Then can I assume you are the owner of the mentioned Planet in WA? Not many Planets on this Planet, or Anoraks.
  9. Very useful indeed. :)

    Thanks again.

    BTW, wiseman there was an Aprilia RS125 advertised, some place Newcastle way, that had, according to the ad, Tuono (That's Tuono 125!) bars and triple clamp.

    I may be wrong, but I don't believe any Tuono 125s officially made it to Oz, and very very few Planet/Raptor 125s.
  10. No, not my bike. In fact I've never even seen one.
    I do however have 'history' with small 2 strokes. See my avatar.
    Yamaha TA125. 81kg, 24hp, 5 speed air cooled, drum brakes. Ah, those were the days.