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Cagiva Navigator - Suzuki TL1000 engine - Any concerns ?

Discussion in 'Bike Reviews, Questions and Suggestions' started by martych, Dec 22, 2007.

  1. Hi all,
    I've been looking to update my Wee Strom for some time now and (as well as many other bikes) was always drawn back to the bike I already own albeit a later model.
    I've found that my bike ticks all the boxes for what I want, however I've often wondered what the 1000cc V-Strom would be like to own, especially now as there's a few second hand ones getting around for around the 9-10k mark.
    A friend of mine recently threw a spanner into the works by suggesting I consider a Cagiva Navigator, which apparently runs all Suzuki gear but is housed in a very tidy and well respected Italian frame, with the usual Italian goodies like better brakes, suspension etc,.

    Now I have started looking at the Cagivas, they seem to represent even better value that the V-Strom and I really like the styling etc as well. (+ I feel I'm buying something a bit different than just my current bike's big brother)

    Thing is....I read very recently (in this month's M/C trader) a rather negative article about the TL1000S (which is the engine used in the Navigator). The article states that the TL has numerous faults (mainly in the handling dept)BUT what was of concern to me was that the engine apparently had 2 recalls and was temperamental if it hadn't been serviced exactly to schedule.

    What I'm asking (in an around about way) is "How reliable is the TL engine and what should I be looking for with this model of bike ? Is there any owners of Navigators out there ?

  2. I wouldn't worry about the motor. It's basicly the same one used in the DL1000 and SV1000.

    I thought the recalls were for the steering dampner and a fuel tank gasket leak? They did mention somthing about the clutch slipping in top gear if you are going to slow.
  3. Actually yes, I found the article again and re-read it.The fuel pump gasket leak and clutch slippage were mentioned. The way the article was written was a little confusing (to a mechanically challenged soul, such as myself). I think some of the negative comments relate directly to the TL itself rather than the engine (ie, it's a "handful" and a "larrakin" etc,)
    From what I can decipher from other info found on the web, the Cagiva's have a de-tuned and re-mapped version of this engine which I suppose may address these problems (?)
  4. From everything I have read the Cagiva Navigator is a cracker of a bike. as mentioned previously the engine has been used in a variety of bikes, I dont think it has known reliability issues.

    I shopped around for a second hand Navigator at one stage, but they were hard to find. If you find a good one buy it, or let me know about it!
  5. Yeah, as I understand it the TL motor was a ball-tearer, but in some ways the bike didn't have the handling to match. It had an odd rotary rear shock, and was also prone to tank-slappers. I'd think that motor in a good-handling Cagiva frame would be an awesome bike.
  6. Great choice of bike although they are few and far between. They got a great write up a year or two ago in the MCnews comparision for dual sports (GS1200, KTM, Tiger, etc).

    You'll find them a little smaller than the wee strom as they are quite a compact package for a 1000. You'll also find the engine a bit rougher than the 650 and it has a few noises that take a while to get use to, it took me a while to convince myself that that it is the way they sound and that the motor was not going to self-destruct!

    Good luck!
  7. Well I thought I had...brilliant deal from a dealer in NSW..until I found out it was a 'repairable write-off'. Proves the old saying: "if it sounds too good to be true......"
  8. I think I saw that one, the price did look very good...

    my current bike is a repairable write off, if it is straight it can still be a good bike, it might be worth a look
  9. Yeah, I guess the repair isn't really the issue to me as much as resale. I had a friend who had (unknown to her until it came time to sell it) a repairable written off car. To be honest, it was harder to get rid off than herpes. She ended up getting about only 70% of what she wanted price wise.

    If that bike was say $5k instead of $7.5 it'd be worth it IMO, so long as it had repaired well. But when bikes that haven't been written off are selling for around that price, it's a no brainer I reckon.

    I'll just keep on looking. I reckon that's half the fun of buying a bike anyhow.
  10. I might be a bit late with my reply ( o.k four months then :oops: ) but the cagiva navigator is a great bike to own if spare part's were readily available for them. The company is changing hands or something at the moment so everything in the respect of part's and service could be a little bit of a gamble. As in the bike itself, the problems can be worked on ( for me) and improved so to sort them out to end up with a cracker of a bike that could just about do anything. I would change the front forks and throw a seventeen inch front wheel on ( stickier rubber options ).

    Can see a navigator becoming a project bike down the track for me. I test rode the bike some time ago and the instant power and punch of that brilliant motor and the fuel injection makes the bike pull like a freight train. Acceleration comparable to my r1. Cornering wise bit a of a dive initially under brakes but once eased off and thrown in on it's side, stable and planted at all lean angles. For a thousand dual purpose machine it feels so tiny once aboard and the wide handlebars and motorcross stance makes it so movable and flickable for the twisties. Add in a high pearch for visibility ( to see over the top of cars ) and v-twin engine braking and exhaust note and i am in motorcycling heaven. The last of the model run ( discontinued in Australia now ) was painted all black and the pick of the bunch for me. Currently there is one for sale brand new in Queensland ( red in colour ) on bike point.com 2007 model. I am hoping that cagiva have taken it off it's official italian website cause a new model is on it's way and the bike will be continued. Such a waste, if it was'nt. Great bike.

    There is an official Cagiva navigator website, shame I can't read italian. Doh! :cool:
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    Am I the only person to still own a Cagiva Navigator. Yew I any having trouble with spare parts for the frame. I boggied up a chain slider and would like to get the chain roller part no 800095802. Cant find a substitute part and i dont remenber what it looks like any more. (weather it is bushed, uses bearings or just a poluthrine ?? (spelling ) roller with no bushes or bearings. Does any one still own one?
  12. I purchased a second hand 2014 Vstrom 1000 and I love it. It doesn't feel much bigger then my old Vstrom 650 so I can lane split no problems.
    The acceleration is fantastic compared to the 650 and the seat is very comfortable
    If you want to lane split I advise you to get the suzki panniers as they seem to be flush with the bike. I purchased Givi 38l panniers from motostorm.it and I love them but I soon realised they are too wide when I scratched them on the back of a truck when changing lanes.
  13. Hi everyone, by now you would all know the new Cagiva parts are drying up. I have a big stone bullseye in my Navigator's RHS headlight lens (sitting on bike) does anyone have a spare? I've been surfing the world net for a couple of months, no luck yet. The light assembly part number is 800083340 or just the lens would be fine. I'm prepared to pay well for it. The chain sliders are available in USA on ebay now I noticed but I made mine out of a black Clark Rubber strip 4ml thick and 7cm wide ,I can't remember the length.