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cagiva mito470cc

Discussion in 'Modifications and Projects' at netrider.net.au started by twinrock, Mar 23, 2008.

  1. hey guys..im new here..and thought i would share my bike..basically it is a cagiva mito2001 with an yamaha rz350 2 stroke twin engine in it..i built it about 2.5 yrs ago..it was a good thing .but lacked some finer touches..so i did an over hall, so the list of mods are...
    engine..complete rebuild
    4mm stroker crank
    new aftermarket banshee big bore barrels 72mm bore..extensively ported
    after market reeds and ported cages
    36mm carbs
    billet manifolds
    lock up clutch
    polished cover
    billet water pump and dip stick
    hydraulic clutch set up
    hand build rick roberts exhausts and nikon end cans

    digi speedo
    powder coated frame and triple clamps
    polished swing arm
    chrome shock linkages chain tensioners lots of bolts axels ..
    new sub frame and seat..all alluminium to replace steel one..
    all bolts which arnt chromed replaced with stainless steal..
    braided lines
    bike was due to be finished last week and was booked for the dyno..but a leak in the base gaskets has put on a hold till later this week..i did as much of this bike as i possibly could..estimated weight 115kg..i can literally pic the entire thing up off the ground my self..and im only 70kgs..rear wheel hpr should be around 80-90hpr
    such an easy bike to work on...everything is easy to access and the engine is such a basic thing..only 3 moving parts..!!
    parts are very cheap and plentiful huge range of after markets stuff available
    the bike its self as u would expect from a european build is great..and stops and handle awesome
    125cc rego..:)

    as for the engine it was great with the stock rz350..now with the new displacement of 470cc..it should be increadible

    bad fuel effeciency
    not at all comfortable for longer rides
    cant pillion
    needs better forks

  2. Man, that bike would be AWSOME. And very quick.
    dont forget to get the suspension resprung for the weight

    how does the rz engine fit in the frame, is the frame braced/custom bracketing?
  3. awsome bike 470cc 2 stroke drool:
    seen it on ASF forums aswell
    How will it go getting rego next time, with a new 470cc engine will it need an enginers report ect?
  4. Looks fantastic, very unique and what a beast :)
  5. rego is no issue as it past its initial blue slip with the yamaha engine..so thats the number on the rego..as for room there is heaps, its by far the easiest chasis to do something like this on..apparently cagiva built the mito with the idea of being able to fit bigger 4stroke single and 2 stroke twins in mind for their racing fleet..which means the frame has also been designed to carry the extra weight and hpr..yes the suspention is off and needs some dialing in..on the race trace it was great, left zxr750s shaking their heads, but on the road in real road conditions not so good..
    basically i bought a kit from an engineer in denmark to fit the engine ..it was pretty straight forward, a bit of welding and thats it..chain and everything lines up perfectly no extra bracing needed..the only other major custom thing need is the exhaust pipes..but u can also by them off the shelf for this build..but they r very expensive..especially when u include shipping..i had mine built in syd buy the best chamber builder in the land..thanks rick
  6. Mate, I swear I seen this thing on ASF site! Looks like an awesome little machine! Well done... :shock:
  7. Awesome spec.

    Ditch the green, it just clashes... ;-) The rest looks great.

    Being a twin it has 5 moving parts. So no wonder it puts out so much extra power... ;-)


    Trevor G
  8. nice, very nice :shock:
  9. yeah the green is goin as it has a big scratch on it anyway from my stupid friend ...i also know a guy in oz who is selling sub frames and the bits needed for the same conversion for rs250 as well as big bore kits for the rz engine..its quite easy to put out 125 hpr from these engine ..very reliably..