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Cagiva Mito

Discussion in 'Bike Reviews, Questions and Suggestions' started by zoomtuning, Mar 10, 2008.

  1. Has anyone here got a Mito? Just wondering some thoughts and mods on yr bike?

  2. For those of you planning to flame he means a Cagiva Mito125. Can't remember what year though
  3. I changed to a Mito after having a ZZR250 for 3 months. Loved the Mito. It's just so chuckable and light!

    The only mod i had was a carbon fibre exhaust.
  4. I looove the looks of the bike... And there was this one time when I met this girl at a Westfields parking lot who rode a red one. Boy, was she hot!!! I mean, them!!! :LOL: :LOL: Very friendly too. I sort of insulted her by accident, I think... She said: "Cool bike!" I said: "Yours looks really good too, if only it wasn't a 125cc, at least is red" Somehow it didn't sound that bad in my head. :oops:
    Anyways, that's my story. :cry:
  5. I gather you didn't get her number? :LOL:
  6. The worst part was that I had a mate with me! You can imagine the kinda crap I had to cop after that... :LOL: :LOL:
  7. Seconded.

    Zoom's Cag is also red, and very sexy...
  8. A 916 thats been shrunk in the dryer. Very sweet. Best looking learner/sub 250 bike IMO :cool:
  9. Second that! If only it wasn't a 125cc... :p

    Edit: I read somewhere that there's a new Mito in the oven and with a bigger engine... a 650 if I'm not mistaken. Can't really remember where I read that! :mad:
  10. Too bad its not a 250cc 2-stroke.
  11. Yeah i vaguely remember reading that cagiva has put a Husky (i think) single pot 500ish thumper engine in a mito frame. That would be a hoot if they could keep the service intervals at a sane level. On the minus side they've given the mito a refresh and its lost the 916 styling. Looks ok, but hmm a bit more generic now IMO :cry:
  12. I have worked mine a fair bit, all the mods possible minus porting..done the exhust/box/jets too...it's like riding a superfast pushbike now. I love working 2 strokes as they respond so well. Its only got 3000km on her too! She's like brand new and i might even sell it soon, and a few other bikes i have so i can get that so much loved MV i been chasing!
    Who does loans here!!!!!!!!
  13. Yep I ride one. Make sure you test ride one before you buy. 2-strokes have to be ridden differently, they have very little power under 5k RPM. To go anywhere you'll be winding out the gas. If you have an aftermarket pipe, it will be loud and people will think your hooning. I get people turning around two blocks up :twisted:

    Make sure you get a deristricted version (or it'll cost you to do it yourself). That involves rejetting the carb, opening up the airbox and an aftermarket pipe.

    The bike will smoke for 5 mins when you start it up cold, and should be warmed up properly. It's not a bike you can ride hard as soon as you start it up, or it will seize.

    It can get my 80kg self up to 120 kmh in a couple of seconds and tops out at 160kmh. If you're light you might go a bit faster ;) The bike weighs about 130kg dry, easy for a guy to pick up. Very, very chuckable.

    The catch is that dealers are few and far between. Action in Parramatta and city don't supply spares anymore. I have to go down to Stoney Creek to get my bits. Parts often take time to order in and probably cost more than Kawazuki ones.

  14. I learned to ride (on the road at least) on RZ and RD (I went in reverse chronological order) Yamaha 2-strokes, and still think little strokers are a hoot to ride. The Cagiva looks very cool, and I suspect is a better buy and more fun than an old CBR250RRRRR.
  15. it needs a fairing and an extra 125cc's to make it good, what about the planet?
  16. :shock: :oops: :shock:

    i dont.. want.. to know.
  17. Mine doesnt like selecting neautral when it warms up, so i adjusted the clutch and went to a thinner oil, 10w shell...but it still does it!!! Its only got 3000km's on it...anyone else had this issue or know what it is??? Thought i best ask b4 i go pulling it down...also when its in neautral it likes to jump back into gear!!! Its a biatch when u dont expect it.
  18. The Aprilia is similiar i just select neutral when rolling or you can rock and it will find it.

    Mito's aren't a bad bike but...

    RS125's are better :p

    small capacity 2-strokes are good fun, if only NSW LAMS laws let me buy a RS250 :cry:

    FYI top speed at losail (qatar) on a 250GP bike is 279km/h which is the same as a 600cc supersport
  19. Hehe, zoom also owns an RS250 so I think he won your battle :p
  20. but I'm cooler :p :grin: :wink: :oops: :mad: :roll: :cry: