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cagiva mito

Discussion in 'Bike Reviews, Questions and Suggestions' started by gary.c, Mar 14, 2006.

  1. i currently own a cagiva mito

    not many people are familia of em so dont buy thats my prob tryin to sell it

    but i wanna know how many of u know what they are

    they have all the best gear on em and are increadibly quick
    i have ridden and raced heaps of 4 stroke 250s

    and this 125cc 2 stroke is way quicker

    the only learner legal one that beats it is the aprillia rs250
  2. I'd say that's a slightly biased opinion... but hey, we all love our own bikes.
    The Mito isn't really a common bike, but it's certainly a known item in and around Melbourne. It has the looks and fitout of a miniature Ducati... but that's about where the positives end IMHO.

    Performance in anything other than mid corner is lack lustre; but they do corner like their on rails as they have 3/5th's of SFA mass to them! I'd put my money on an RS250 or even a properly setup RGV250 any day i'm afraid.

    Best of luck with the sale though.
  3. they do look very pretty, i have heard from a few people that build quality is pretty average though, in at peter stevens one of the sales girls said quote 'they are shit, people keep bringing them back a month after they leave the showroom with all sorts of issues' (PS does sell them but she couldn't be bothered with a standard sales pitch as i clearly wasn't buying and she was in accessories anyway.) that isn't to say that they are all lemons, i imagine for every one returned a few have no/few issues.

    damn italians building pretty things that fall apart :roll: (ex alfa romeo owner here) :p

    if only there was still a 2-stroke 250cc bike on the market, i was pissed when they dumped the rs250.
  4. I am familiar with them. They are 916 inspired.
  5. yeah i have heard of them
    but dontkbnow much about them lol :LOL: :LOL:
    but they are a nice bike i would of thought they would be as good as the aprilla 125?
    but then again im not a 2 stroke man...
    good luck selling the bike mate :grin:
  6. Quite familiar with the Mito, if I was ever going to buy a bike solely for track use then it would probably be my first choice. As a road bike though, and especially as a learner bike, I reckon there are plenty of better choices out there for the same sort of money.
  7. Missus owns one. Lovely looking and handling bikes.
  8. I crashed one of Cruiz Motorcycles brand new Mito's in the mountains. They crash well!! I suppose I can say that cos I didn't have to pay a cent :)
  9. How are maintenance costs on them?

    And what are you hoping to sell for? I've got a friend who's considering buying one.
  10. Mito's sure look good, and may be fun for tight scratching and if you like changing gears all the time, but that's about it IMO.

    You may be finding it difficult to sell as more and more people in Queensland seem to be doing the q-ride program, and so aren't restricted to <250cc bikes.
  11. i love the look of them considered buying one but hav heard about quality issues which i didnt understand considering they've got brembo's. maybe they just went all out on the brakes and forgot the rest
  12. hmm as for quality issues i havent stumbled across ne
    and ive had it for a fair while

    servicing ect is cheap as is fuel economy

    ive not had 1 issue with it so i guess i may have been lucky same story wit my mate nothing but luck i guess

    but yes u do have to ride them in ther power range

    and the aprillia 250 is way faster they are a vtwin s stroke but the aprillia 125 is a lil heavier and doesnt handle as well so ive read ive not actually seen one b4 but i imagine they would be some what the same
    but ive not been beaten by anything else even beaten an rgv