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Cagiva mito

Discussion in 'Welcome Lounge' at netrider.net.au started by Kazza40, Jan 25, 2012.

  1. Hey everyone - I'm onto my second bike, transitioning to a sporty after a cruiser. Gone for the Cagiva Mito because I'm a feather weight short arse. I look at it as a confidence boosting toy!
    Be kind to me 8-[

  2. Welcome Kazza!
    Don't worry, the guys here see a new female and they'll go out of their way to be kind and welcoming.
    Expect the usually question ....
  3. Thanks NSSherlock, I did notice the question... I must be special - I missed out :rolleyes:

    Thanks for the welcome note - much appreciated.
  4. welcome Kazza40, wait for 'the question' wont be long lol
  5. I think we have scared them off.
    Maybe we need "Female Alert" in your welcome title.
  6. wow 4 days?
    they're slipping.
    welcome btw

    which scarborough? you a westy? sunny state? please say not another damn cockroach...
  7. Sigh....Are you hot?

    Cmon guys pick up your game.
    O and welcome aboard kazza, sweet bike choice
  8. Welcome mate to NR ...=D> that is a nice bike...enjoy your ride...
  9. Welcome :)

    Your facebook link doesn't work or I'm retarded. Makes it hard to see if you're hot or not. Just sayin'