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Cagiva mito

Discussion in 'Technical and Troubleshooting Torque' at netrider.net.au started by Kazza40, Jan 25, 2012.

  1. Hey there,
    Just new on here and hope somebody can help with handlebar risers for a Cagiva Mito.
    Can it be done? I've heard conflicting stories and need some answers. My bike kills my wrists and risers have been suggested.
    Appreciate any help.

  2. Welcome to NR.

    You may want to post in the newbies thread just to say hi - some people get a pit pissy if you don't :D

    Back on topic -

    When you say your wrists hurt - is there any numbness in your hands or a feeling of coldness in your fingers?
  3. Thanks Bitsa - just did it.
    No numbness - I get a pain in the palm of my hands and wrists.
    Had it out for half an hour last week and had trouble using the clutch, total weakness and shaking hands.
  4. relax your grip and arms..................if that doesnt work install heavier bar ends.
  5. Thanks AznCruiser, feels more like I'm leaning towards the bar and all weight is being absorbed by my palms.
    Will give it a shot tho.
  6. +1 Relax grip

    Do the chicken wing dance......

    Heavier bar ends are not necessary on a Mito - vibration will not be the issue here - it will be the white knuckled grip me thinks.
  7. Chicken wing dance - now why didn't I think of that =D>
  8. yeah definitely sounds like your "death gripping" it :)

    relax, put your weight on the footpegs!
    grip the tank with your knees (get stomp grips, they help ALOT with gripping the tank in my opinion )
    and yeah, relax!

    when you 'death grip' you interfere with the suspension and stop the bike doing what it wants to do!
  9. this and all of the above, I had the same problem when I changed my riding position, you're working muscles that you didnt on the cruiser Karen. Wont take long, grip the tank, chicken wings and maybe reduce the 'length' of your rides initially. Mate had a mite [little asian jockey I called him] reckons twas the most fun bike [even more his gixxer]. enjoy :)
  10. squeeze the tank with your knees, put more weight on the footpegs and try and use your core msucles :)