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Discussion in 'Bike Reviews, Questions and Suggestions' started by loki, Feb 28, 2007.

  1. [​IMG]
    500cc 4-stroke, single cylinder engine courtesy of Husqvarna

    but get this, 64BHP, 133Kgs, 50Nm, priced around $11,000
    and it's designed by Tamburini, natch (the same guy that designed the 916)

    still a year or two away
  2. Nice undies
  3. I find this bike very exciting, though I could never fit on one myself.
  4. Why do you say that Loz?

    If I can fit onto an RGV250 then you'd certainly fit onto the 500... ok I admit it won't be the most comfortable ride in the world, but I'm sure it would be rideable.
  5. The concept sounds okay, but I'm not a fan of road singles, and it's certainly no tehnological marvel (the bike has probably been around for 10 years?!).

    I'm hanging out for Aprilia's RS250 replacement, rumoured to use their 450 injected twin from their motox's. Now that I would buy...
  6. https://netrider.net.au/forums/viewtopic.php?t=29072 ;)
    I like the concept but have doubts over how practical it'd be - in particular just how short the service intervals would be on the engine (that sort of power from a 500 single has to come at a price). Still if I had 11 grand to spare on something to use purely as a toy, not transport, a 500cc Mito would be top of the list.
  7. Dam it looks nice!
  8. Now if only the chick would get out of the photo so we could get a good look at the bike itself.

    I second JD's post, the Mito and an Aprilia RS125 on the toy list.
  9. Bike what bike? :shock:
  10. How much for the girl? =P~
  11. Damn, that's one long and impressive leg!

    Because it is basically an existing bike (Mito 125) with a larger engine stuffed in, it should be priced a lot cheaper than for example the CRS Vun which comes with similar power and weight, but is very expensive... a bike with such specs combined with reasonable price would be a winner in my book.
  12. someone beat me to it :)

    not sure what the lifespan of a big single is, but i'm sure being a 4-stroke it'll last a lot longer then my rs125. i have to start budgeting for a top-end rebuild, which i can expect anywhere from the 15,000km to the 30,000. though i did read about a dude who got nearly forty thousand Ks out of his 125 before the cylinder went. the best toys are always high-maintenance :) never liked the Mito's rear light cluster, they look so aged

    as Matti-san posted in your link, i'd rather have a lithe sportsbike that's quick on it's toes, than one of the heavyweight 1000s. float like a butterfly, sting like a bee
  13. Right on the money.

    Making that sort of power, you'd be looking at a rebuild every 50hours or so.

    If you drove an hour commute to work (plus you'd have to spend all your time in the hills on weekends with a bike like this) you'd have your bike in the shop more often than not

    It would be top of my list otherwise. 64hp is ready to jump straight into supermono racing, but hopefully they'll release a more sensible road tuned version as it nears production. You could still have great fun with 45-50hp.

    Still glad to see the great looking mito finally got an engine to match the styling
  14. Hopefully this is the start of a new trend - wonder if an Aprilia SXV 450/550 engine would fit into an RS125/250 frame :-k [-o< .
  15. there's rumoured to be one in the works. they definately need more mid-size bikes in their range
    Aprilia have a few bikes on the burner, including that crazy single gear 600cc with the constantly changing ratios. the future is exciting
  16. has anyone heard of when the mito 500 will be available
  17. Mito 500's due out in Europe sometime later this year - rumour is it that it will be sold here in Australia sometime next year.
  18. Looks like a great upgrade.
    If you already ride a 2 stroke 125 then the maintenance wouldn’t be so much of an issue as you’d already be use to it.

    Single cylinder bikes should be sold with a spare engine :LOL:
  19. Bring on the Sachs MadAss 500!

    (They were contemplating building one before the company underwent its most recent implosion. Hopefully the resuscitated Sachs will do it!)