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N/A | National Cagiva Mito 125 track bike

Discussion in 'Racing, Motorsports, and Track Days' started by duncan_bayne, Sep 17, 2013.

  1. With the arrival of our second child in late February, I'll be buying a four-door ute, and converting my Mito for track use only, using the ute as a transporter.

    So ... anyone have any suggestions for modifications to the bike and / or ute to make track days easier?

    I'm keen to keep the Mito in an easily maintainable state of tune; I've heard that highly tuned 125s can take a lot of fiddling on the day to get running properly, whereas the current road tune 'just works' regardless of temperature or humidity. Perhaps I'm overestimating the difficulty here though.

    Otherwise I was thinking: oggy knobs (already fitted), strip out all the lights etc. and fit race bodywork, and slicks. Ideally not wanting to spend too much money, just make her even more fun on the track.

    (Oh and I plan to lose some weight too ... my frame is not exactly 125-friendly at the moment).
  2. Dunno how fast you want to go, or can afford to go, but there is, or used to be, a bloke someplace in the Netherlands, who sold engine mounting plates which allowed a Yamaha RZ250 or 350 engine to bolt into the Cagiva Mito frame.
  3. Sounds like a good plan! I don't know much about these bikes but I used to have an NSR150 years ago and a lot of guys removed the auto oil mixer and premixed the fuel themselves like a traditional dirt bike etc. they reckon it gives more consistent performance.

    I reckon keep it simple, get some sticky race tyres, track day spec brake pads, race brake fluid some (motul RBF600 etc). I know it was easy to overheat my single disc on my NSR, but the good pads/fluid probably would've made it acceptable.

    Ideally if u can stretch to it have the suspension resprung and valved for your weight
  4. Does the Mito have adjustable front suspension? I thought it didnt (rs125 certainly didnt). Anyway if it aint, and you are as you say "not 125 friendly" I'd be getting that set up for your weight and for sticky tyres.