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cagiva mito 125 on ebay...

Discussion in 'Bike Reviews, Questions and Suggestions' at netrider.net.au started by n3lly, Aug 19, 2006.

  1. hi guys,
    just bidded on a cagiva mito 125 for like 3.5k.. 1994 model.. it ok i guess.. well just want a bike 2 learn on for starts so shouldnt be 2 bad rite??

    but then im having 2nd thoughts.. im a bit worried if it would run or has problems. but i guess its good deal.. humm

    all i can do is looking foward in getting the bike.

  2. $3500 for a 12 year old bike which is only a 125cc? Even if it is a 2-stroke (hope you are mechanically minded) I do not think that is a wise choice. You would be better off looking for a newer model 4-stroke as a first bike.
  3. You will get a lot of replies like that.
    I think the price is about the maximum for that bike and the bike itself is a bit of a worry.
    Easy enough to learn on but it is italian and a 2 stroke.
    Hope that somebody outbids you....
  4. 3.5k is a bit to much but i guess.. its a good looking bike and it wont be my main use so i gues it ok. 2 stroke does require alot of mechanical maintance but im sure ill get a few helping hands from my friend or even people in here.. but yea..

    well i was the wininng hahaha.. humm well yea.. just gotta check out the bike?
    any good seggution of mobile mechainic i can ask 2 check the bike??

    thnks for the replys guys
  5. Not to mention the rebuilds that are essential for continued operation.

    Not having a dig, but perhaps you should have inspected the bike before buying it. It being a 2-stroke perhaps makes this even more important.

    Motorcycle Inspection Services

    This guy has received some positive feedback from people on this forum. I can vouch that he is extremely helpful with enquiries and advice even though I did not end up utilising his services.
  6. sweet!
    Thanks haggismaen.
    humm well ill probly get it checkd up on monday soo yea.. i let u guys kw how it goes and all..
  7. Cannot stand the sound of 125s. Sound like lawnmowers :(
  8. Theyre a great looking bike, if it runs well then youll be happy as.
    If not, throw some $$ at it and see where you end up.
    even if you got to $7000 by the time its running right and looking the goods, its still cheaper and more fun than an old bommodore or any other cage.

    Have fun mate.