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Cagiva Mito 125 - First thoughts

Discussion in 'Bike Reviews, Questions and Suggestions' started by dan, Dec 1, 2005.

  1. http://www.cagiva.com.au/2004models/mito125.html

    Ok, a bit of a review:

    Mrs Dan decided to splash out on a new bike, sick of seeing me having all the fun on the weekends. She is still on her l's, and wants to go for her licence in a few months, but didn't have a bike to practice on. After I suggested a wide range of sensible learner bikes, she (somewhat rightly :LOL:) dismissed most of them as 'daggy', and wanted an Aprilia rs125/250 - she's keen to master the pocket-rocket riding position. I then sent her a link to the Cagiva's website, and she was instantly very keen on the baby ducati lookalike.

    Finding that one of the two Melbourne dealers of Cagiva was Peter Stevens :shock:, we sensibly strolled down to Elizabeth street to check them out. We quickly discovered that the 'Black' that was her initial preference was more of a 'dark charcoal grey', and although the smart matt finish was pretty much fingerprint/scratch resistant, it just didn't have that 'look at me' ducati-style poser factor. We both agreed that the shiny red was the go.

    The bike itself is an absolute masterpiece of design - a direct rip off of the Ducati 748/916/996 body shape; designed while I was still in nappies by the prodigious Massimo Tamburini. Furnished with a steering damper, 320mm Brembos discs & calipers on the front, Sachs shock absorber and Marzocchi upside-down forks, the componentry is first class for a small bike. Instrumentation is quite neat, apart from the tacky foam surround on the tach/heat gauge. The bike lacks the perfect finish and manufacturing quality gracing it's MV Agusta cousins, but that's to be expected on what is ultimately a budget entry-level sports bike. Huge amounts of underseat storage available, which was quite surprising for the size of the bike, although the removable rear seat design looks somewhat tacked on and detracts from the otherwise classy look of the bike. The seat is very comfortable, even for my 6'2" frame, and boasts one of the lowest seat heights on any sportsbike, which is one of the major attractions for female riders.

    After disturbing the Peter Stevens salesperson from their slumber, we negotiated to purchase the bike despite their best efforts to not make the sale, and reluctantly agreed to throw in a disclock :roll: after my attempts to negotiate a $150 race stand into the deal were met with blank stares. A few days later we were back to pick up the bike, which was waiting as a display model, but boasting a number plate and a 'sold' sticker. We sat down with the sale rep who proceeded to silently pass form after form under Mrs Dan's nose for signature. Forms like MV Agusta quality assurance declarations, including checkboxes such as 'Instructed Customer on run-in procedure', all pre-ticked - a bit disappointing. He then handed her the keys, and even eventually offered to help get the bike off the stand and out of the shop :?.

    As Mrs Dan had a city appointment, I had the honour of riding the beast home. Let me say, it's been a while since I've had that much fun on a bike. :) Weighing in at 128kgs dry, the bike is a dream to manouver around stationary. Low down power is somewhat non-existant, so dragging cars (or even scooters) from the lights is a challenge :LOL: The model had apparently been derestricted (speedo goes to 220kph), but probably still needs a few more mods to juice the power up a bit. Run-in instructions (which I later found in the manual - after I got it home - thanks again PS :? ) state to keep the bike under 6000 revs for the first 500kms. Good luck doing that on a 2-stroke 125! :LOL: The bike ate up the freeway with gusto, power on tap when needed, although the powerbands are different in every gear; may take some time to learn them to get best results.

    Once off the freeway and onto the twisty bits, this is where the bike cam into it's own. Never have I ridden a bike that steers as quick as this... the first few corners saw me attempting wide late apexes that ended up almost cutting back over the centre lines - ridiculous lean angles acheived even on green tyres! :D Rap the power on, barrell into a corner, and the bike is on rails - pure bliss - a few chuckles under the helmet were had. The lack of engine braking on a bike this size is actually quite useful, I had no problems flicking down a gear or two while cranked over, without upsetting the rear wheel - very useful for find the right gear to power out of the corner. Lack of engine braking was made up for by the absolutely spectacular brembo brakes... If I could clone myself and race the R6 downhill through reefton, I reckon this little bike would hold it's own.

    In summary, the bike is extremely friendly and un-intimidating to ride - perfect for a learner. No jerky throttle, just smooth predictable two stroke power that doesn't get you into trouble. And it's pure cornering bliss...

    -Edit: and possibly the worst mirrors ever to be put on a sports bike :LOL:,
    and headlamps which only come on one at a time (left side for low beam, right side for high beam - not together!) Also, a fairing bolt was missing and one of the fairing bolts was corroded - thanks PS. :roll: To their credit, there was a FULL tank of petrol, something I have never got from a dealer - thanks PS :)
  2. Congrats Dan, it sounds awesome, your other half obviously has very good taste.
  3. Cool report, Dan. So now YOU have TWO bikes :LOL:
  4. how dare you put a report up like that
    especially since i ruled a mito out of the bikes i should get list
    they do sound like awesome bikes are they a 7 speed and what is the engine modelled from or is it an original cagiva design i mean like the aprilia rs 250 is just an rgv 250 made by aprilia so is the mito 125 it's own engine if that makes sense
  5. don't be to upset, if you're going to upgrade soon after you're off your restrictions, it's definitely not worth buying this bike ($$$). My other half is very happy to keep the bike for some time off her restrictions learning the in's an outs of a race bike; unlike me who rides every day and will do 20,000+kms a year, she will most likely only do a few thousand riding on the weekends - still a challenging bike for years to come.

    Not sure about the engine, I'd assume it's a Cagiva original. Most reviews I've read can't split the Mito and the RS 125 on performance, so I'd think their pretty much the same design. The bike is 6 speed, I think they ditched the 7th gear a few years back.
  6. :LOL: :LOL:
  7. I was also looking at this bike before i found my aprilia rs 125.

    My bikes current top speed is 150...what's the Mito's?
  8. Haven't had a chance to wind it out that far yet, but I'd assume something very similar in stock form. I'll post it when I find out (on the track of course 8) )
  9. yeah i'm not to fazed about it they are very nimbile bikes and super slender so getting all over them isn't a drama at all, they are very good at doing what theyre designed for

    i don't think i would really do to many kays any way it would be a daily commuter and a weekend big bike killer even if not in my hands
  10. just out of curiousity, how much was the price on the road?
    i am planning to get a learners as well.. so the choice is with the VTR250, Cagiva 125 or the Hyosung GT250R

    do you know if they have warranty? or how much it would cost to get it serviced?? i know aprillia can be a bit costly to service

    I have also check out the bike at peter stevens... droollsssssssss :p
  11. $8,600 on the road. Pricey...
  12. hmmm i sat on one at the motorshow and loved it
    i may have to do some research may be something to consider
    ive got a question tho has the missus rode it yet? did the power band surprise her?
  13. Yeah she took it out for a fang last night, apart from a few sportsbike riding position gripes (yawn... try riding 800kms a day for 3 days straight on one luv :LOL:) She really enjoyed it - had no problem with the powerbands - had problems getting used to brakes which stopped on a dime! The bike is honestly very, very friendly in terms of power, no wild powerbands or anything - felt very predictable, IMO needs a bit more power to keep me amused for a whole day (but that doesn't matter, because it's not my bike, as I am regularly told :LOL: ) I reckon a RS250 would be a bit more agressive like that though.
  14. Fantastic review dan :D

    Mrs dan's experience sounds very familiar. Good for her :wink:

    Glad to see she got a new bike as well. That's the only thing I'd do differently. As much as I love my bike, I've also hated my bike over the last few months and sometimes it definitely pays to know what's happened to a bike. Particularly if your a mechanical nuff nuff (not saying Mrs dan is but I certainly am :p).

    Happy riding to her and I hope to see her at coffee sometime soon.
  15. A tell tail sign that it has been desrestricted is to look at the exhaust where it comes out of the cylinder if there is a sticky out cigar looking cylinder on the side of the pipe it is still restricted. I think there is a jet kit as well to be fitted.

    If it has been derestricted there will be a blanking plate welded in to the pipe and judging by the way the guys at PS weld it should stand out like a nun in a brothel if it has been done.

    Its been a few years since I did one but thats what to look for

    For more info PM me.
  16. i went to a dealer today sat on one got the guys card might go back next weekend and have a run on it, dan without trying u are convincing me mito is the go
  17. ..

    I owned one for 3 months as my first bike... nice little learner as I didnt have the confidence to go on a big bike.. anyway some idiot slams on his breaks in front of me for no reason and I write it off

    the first 3 months not to bad, now that i look back at it, it was pretty gutless and i got used to and wanted more power fast.

    Handled nice, great fuel economy, just load and rough :D
  18. Cagiva Mito????

    Hi all, just recently got my Ls and have been looking at many bikes. Have got a chance to get a Cagiva Mito 125 for round $6K. 2002model, bout 16,000ks - very good condition, no signs of anything unusual etc:

    Also looked at CBR20s but can not find one that is not suspect of anything, always going to be wondering where it has come from.

    Anybody had or ridden the Mito and can give me some idea of it for maintenance costs etc: heard because 2 stroke more maintenance is required.
    Would appreciate any thoughts on the bikes.
    Thanks All